Taking a pause today!

Life has conspired with too many distractions.

It’s 11am Thursday at the time of writing this.

We have a visit to our property in a little over 2 hours time from the other students, Rhianna, our teacher, and mentors from the Land Stewardship course that Jean and I undertook at Oregon State University in the Spring.

I seemed to have picked up a Summer head cold that is making me more grumpy than usual!

Plus I have to focus on an interesting ‘project’ that I will write about early next week.

So there!

Let me leave you with these two pictures of the softness of cloud and low mist that brought some much-needed rain to us a few days ago.

Looking out to the North-East with Sexton Mountain, some 5 miles away, just off picture to the left.


Looking East across our fields to the forest beyond.

If anyone wants to put these pictures into context, there was a property map published in the LfD post of the 22nd, Sing for the trees.

6 thoughts on “Taking a pause today!

  1. Nice view to wake up to. It must be great to have a wood on your own land. I will be camping in a wood soon.


    1. One of the findings from the visit by Rhianna and company yesterday was that we have a total of 12 native American species of trees on our land. Yes, it’s a lovely place to live. Best of luck for your own holiday; I’m presuming it is a vacation.


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