This is fun!

Something to keep you quiet for a while!

I’m told by the person who emailed this to me, thanks Cynthia, that there really is a cat in this picture.  Haven’t spotted it myself!

Where's the cat? There really is one in the photograph!

13 thoughts on “This is fun!

  1. Oh, I found it! It’s beside ????. Thanks. Cute kitty. (Did you know the cat is looking for a mouse?) [Just to confirm that Wen correctly described where the cat is in the picture.]


  2. Well done, Wen!

    Jean and I found the cat a couple of days ago. Hope you won’t mind but I’ve edited your comment so as not to spoil the fun for others for the week-end. Best wishes, Paul


    1. Oops, didn’t mean to give away the location, I thought I was being quite obscure, but that’s whatcha get when trying to be saucy, eh?

      In any event, thank you for your help keeping me out of trouble for the day!


  3. What appears to be a cat face is in the lower left area…it has a piece of paper close to its left eye. What say you?


  4. Well you have me Foxed Paul… I must need to clean my eye glasses LOL.. as I have scanned and as yet its playing Cat and Mouse with me..
    Nice to be back and commenting.. have read most of your post Paul as you know.. but will back track upon a couple…
    Hope you experiencing a good weekend..


    1. Sue, lovely to see you back on LfD. Yes, it has been an ‘interesting’ week but one that has connected me, and hopefully many other readers, with some great websites, and even greater brains. I’ll point out where the cat is before the end of the week-end. Trust all is well with you, Paul.


  5. OK, good people, here’s how to find the cat.

    Divide the picture horizontally. Just in from the left-hand edge of the picture, along that horizontal line, is the base of something, rectangular in shape, creamy brown/beige in colour.

    Follow the top-right edge of that object, the edge sloping down to the right, and continue that line in your eye. That line will almost immediately run along the spine of the cat, also facing down and to the right, left front paw ahead of it’s right front paw.

    Just a harmless bit of fun for the week-end! Paul


      1. As they say, a picture is worth a 1,000 words! Pedantry’s link above goes to the above photograph with a red circle around the position of the cat. Thanks P.


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