Joseph Campbell, first taste

This is one remarkable man.

Really tight on time at this moment (Sunday afternoon) so all I want to do is to lightly introduce this great thinker to those that haven’t come across him before.

Joseph Campbell died in 1987 but his influence continues to be strong and powerful, positively increasing year by year.

His works, his life and his messages are wonderfully promulgated by the Joseph Campbell Foundation.  Becoming a JCF Associate is free!

Much more in due course!

4 thoughts on “Joseph Campbell, first taste

  1. What a wonderful man! My hero. I cried when he passed on. He is the first person who reached me in my mid-twenties.

    A friend of mine introduced me to “The Power of Myth,” and gave me a video series, which is so old now the VHS won’t play. Bill Moyers (I think I have that name right) interviewed him in the series.

    The last book I had about him was, “Radio Interviews with Joseph Campbell.” I gave it to my teenage son. He loved it so much, but his girlfriend said reading that book made him act differently. I laughed and said thank goodness. He said the book disappeared. I wondered how. She said it made him not want to work full time. He was only barely seventeen, and I was trying to get him to take a different path in life.

    The world would be a better place if everyone could appreciate what Joseph Campbell said and for the great work he did in his life.

    Thank you. A very nice way to start a hectic Monday.


    1. There will be more posts on the subject of Joe Campbell over the coming weeks – a friend of ours introduced him to us about 10 days ago. Have to say it’s been a life-changing experience especially with regard to fully understanding the deeper relationship between religion and spirituality. Fancy writing a guest post for LfD?


      1. I certainly look forward to the future posts.

        I’m having a hard time with my memory and mental fatigue lately. I would have to re-read myself to be able to write about what I learned from Joseph Campbell, which actually might help me and I know I would enjoy it.

        I’ve been turning back for the past few months, looking back to when I stood on more solid ground spiritually. Hearing Joseph Campbell again would certainly help me remember that time in my life, because I was reading his work. I have daily quotes from him that come to my Google reader.

        Thank you for the invitation and I am truly honored that you ask. I can do some reading and see if my brain gives me anything to share.



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