Capitalising on people’s fears

I often feel that a situation is manipulated by fear. The word is regularly used on television and in the newspapers, and once the thought is planted it is easy to influence the masses!

I was not surprised to read that the Head of Health at the Council of Europe, Dr. Wolfgang Wodard, had said flu drug

Dr. Wodarg

makers had influenced the World Health Organisation to declare Swine flu as a pandemic so they could rake in millions.

Earlier virus outbreaks of Bird Flu, SARS, the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and West Nile virus all had major news coverage lasting weeks, but despite the scare mongering, only six deaths, for example, were attributed to Bird Flu.  1.5 million chickens were slaughtered!

The initial “breaking news” regarding Swine flu warned of 65,000 possible deaths, however the campaign of panic provided a golden opportunity for representatives from the drugs companies to lay the golden egg.

To date only 251 deaths have been attributed to the N1H1 bug, and Dr Wodarg, who made the accusation, said it was just a normal flu. The swine flu scare was faked by greedy drug companies, he claimed.

I wonder how, as if by magic, the research, testing and the availability of millions of injections could be there ready for this unexpected outbreak.

In America a few years ago, the news about Anthrax being sent through the post to a government office lasted weeks. Cheap news, Scare mongering, Fear.

Have we moved on to a situation where we create commercial business at the expense of ourselves.

Big business? We wait now for the emergency debate on the issue at the end of the month.

By Bob Derham

3 thoughts on “Fear!

  1. I do agree that drug makers manipulated governments, since they have experts sitting as government advisers (including at WHO, not just the French government, and some advised both!)

    But what made their jobs easier was the number of deaths, quickly above 100 in Mexico, and 600 in Argentina. At least, that is what I read (and more than 1,000 dead in the USA). This seems much more than this particular version of H1N1 (different from the one already in the standard vaccine).



  2. Many – including old cynical me – suspected from the beginning that this was hyped out of all proportion. The jab that Big Pharma was selling cost about £15 a time. Clearly, a world-wide panic would make them billions.

    There is flu EVERY year that kills quite a few people, especially the already weak or very young. There was NEVER any clinical indication that the current strain was exceptional.

    The truly disgusting thing about this is the “Crying Wolf” effect. When the big one comes (as it did in 1918 and again in 1957) people are not going to believe the government warnings.

    And the UK government was pathetic during this hysteria. at one stage doctors were refusing to see people claiming to have the flu. Untrained students were put on phones in call centres diagnosing people over the phone.

    Read “Bad Science” for a deeper, more clinical look at the scams pulled on the public by quacks and Big Pharma …. it isn’t pretty.


  3. BTW, Chris, the 1918 and 1957 viruses were both variants of H1N1, it is said… Which may explain the weak character of the present virus. In retrospect, the great number of death in Mexico, Argentina and USA may be attributable to the weakness of their healthcare systems.


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