The Jaguar XK120 Motor Car

You’ll never feel this way about a modern car!

A few weeks ago I attended a 70th Birthday celebration for a cousin.

70! Hey this chap has been riding bicycles at competition level, and running marathons for many years, so the surprise party was very upbeat, with two bands keeping everybody dancing. Everything from the Shadows to Roy Orbison.

It was a lovely day so I took my old XK120 Roadster, mainly because another cousin was going along, and he had helped rebuild this car 30 years previously. Actually we arrived together. The XK was running beautifully, but my cousin’s Mercedes had burst a water pipe, and the car park was flooded with coloured radiator water. We laughed that it was the new car that had broken down.

On the way up I had passed a lovely Morgan motor car which interested me as I had just seen an article about the company having been around for a 100 years.

It seems that whenever I drive my old car I enjoy it to the full.

It goes like the wind, and I hog the outside lane, and make the most of my trips. On the way home later that night I was going down a country lane, quite fast when all of a sudden I was plunged into complete darkness. The lights had failed, and it was by luck that I was able to brake and come to a halt without driving through a hedge.

I pulled into a small lane, and saw a farm cottage with the lights on. I tried to trace the fault using just my mobile phone light, but much to my delight, two people came along from the farm. They were Polish, and spent a long time trying to help. Eventually I found a loose wire, and the lights came on again. I was given a torch in case the same thing happened again, and off I went.

The car needed some attention, so I took it to my regular chaps, who work wonders with old Jags. It so happened that I

Goodwood Revival
Goodwood Revival

went to pick it up this Thursday, the day before the start of the Goodwood Revival car meeting, which has now become world famous.

I was driving along in my normal fashion in an easterly direction, and going the other way also in the outside lane was a1930′ s racing Bentley.

I smiled as I thought that we must have had a closing speed of 200 MPH (ish!), and a combined age of 135 years, and still going strong!

Couple of pics below of the Jaguar.

Jaguar XK120
Jaguar XK120

RD Car 5

By Bob Derham

3 thoughts on “The Jaguar XK120 Motor Car

    1. Delighted !

      If you want some better pictures, you are welcome to come over after 19th Feb. We only live at Woodgreen north of Ringwood on the 338 to Salisbury.

      Our house is also thatched, and used to be the home of Mrs C.F.Alexander who wrote All Things Bright and Beautiful, and O Little Town of Bethlehem.

      You write some lovely posts, which were very well written.

      Kind Regards,

      Robert Derham


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