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If there was an award for the most intriguing corporate name Gluskin Sheff ought to be in with a chance!  What an interesting and unusual name – perhaps someone will explain the origins.

Anyway, in my quest for balance in financial reporting and predictions (a hopeless quest as many of you will be quick to point out) the name of David A. Rosenburg came to light.  He is the Chief Economist and Strategist of aforementioned firm, Gluskin Sheff.  Rosenburg caught my eye because his opinion was that inflation is years away simply because consumer demand is likely to remain depressed for a long time and without growth in consumer demand there can’t be inflationary pressures – something that is in accord with my own thoughts and financial planning strategy  (not that I am even daring to compare my own very inadequate knowledge with D.A.R.’s).

Anyway, a quick trawl around Gluskin Sheff’s website (that is such a lovely name!) found that one may subscribe to a number of free reports.

Seems like a good thing.  Thank you Gluskin Sheff! (Did I mention what a great name that is!!)

By Paul Handover

One thought on “Making sense of (financial) markets

  1. Hi Paul,

    I think we “met” on another blog site earlier today. You mentioned your blog so I came here to check it out. Very interesting. I saw this comment about the causes of inflation….and have to reply, of course! In my view, inflation results when the growth rate of the money supply outstrips the growth rate of the real economy (the rate of productivity increase driven by the interaction between capital, labor, and technology). Here’s a link to my explanation from my blog on All Things Economics and Finance:



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