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Thank you Channel 15!

Delighted to share this with you all.

Back in July we were contacted by John Letz asking if he could come and film a news item for KDRV of Jean and me and our dogs.

Of course we said ‘yes’ and the following is the result.

Learning from Dogs for CH 15 news from John Letz on Vimeo.

Trust you will forgive this small waving of the Handover banner!

(Plus, if you want to buy the book please drop into Amazon and choose which format you would like.)

The passion of flying

Another gem from Capt. Bob.

Many of you will have watched the video of the dolphins being rescued off a Brazilian beach that I published a week ago under the title of Wet eyes warning.  That was sent to me by Capt. Bob.  Bob, like my son, is a commercial airline captain.

Now Bob has sent me this.  Some day, I’ll natter on about my own amateur love affair with flying, both gliding (sailplane in USA speak) and power.  But for now just marvel at the skills on display as in the name of fire control these crews quite deliberately do all the things that most would consider suicidal in aviation affairs.