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The love of a dog

The widely reported story of a dog ‘adopting’ a baby chimpanzee.

(With big thanks to Chris Snuggs for sending me the pictures)

As a quick Google search finds:

Two years ago in a Russian zoo a female chimpanzee for some reason repudiated and abandoned her baby chimpanzee. When one of the employees of the zoo took the little chimpanzee home it never crossed her mind that her dog, a mastiff, would become a mother for the orphaned chimpanzee and treat the baby as her own child.


Judging by the look on her face at times, she is not quite sure why this particular offspring has hands to grab her with!


The unconditional love of a dog.


Fascinating example of the power of upbringing.


What is so wonderful, and amazing, is how ‘mother’ accepts this strange looking and strange smelling creature as it’s own.  Think how important smell is to dogs!


Words add nothing to the beauty of this photograph.


You can see the huge difference in body mass between these two.  One swipe, one bite and the little chimp would be toast!  The dog’s love for the chimp overrides all!


Just beautiful.


Mummy, what’s that on the wall?


Mummy, your feet are so big …. and not at all like mine!


Dear Chris, thank you so much for sending me these pictures.  It’s a privilege to share them with LfD readers.  It reminds us that in this difficult era, with so many challenges facing us, that there’s nothing that can’t be solved with love, compassion and understanding.


The Center for the Advancement of Steady State Economy

My post published a short while ago contained a contribution from Carla.  This, in part, is what she said:

We have to try to work constructively for change. I keep urging people to check out the potential for an economy based not on constant growth, which is impossible on a finite planet, but on some sane principles of equity and sustainability.

If you go to http://www.steadystate.org and look at their position statement, you can see that people from all over the world are signing on–yes, just three or four people a day–but they are from every continent and just about every country.

Now, can you help this “go viral”?

I spent sufficiently long at the CASSE website to be comfortable that it is well worth supporting.  Here are the members of the Executive Board.  Here are the staff and here are their advisors.  Here’s their Mission:

The mission of CASSE is to advance the steady state economy, with stabilized population and consumption, as a policy goal with widespread public support. We pursue this mission by:

  • educating citizens, organizations, and policy makers on the conflict between economic growth and (1) environmental protection, (2) ecological and economic sustainability, and (3) national security and international stability;
  • promoting the steady state economy as a desirable alternative to economic growth;
  • studying the means to establish a steady state economy.

Even if you don’t want to make a financial subscription to CASSE you can still register your support.  Here is their Position Statement:

The CASSE position sets the record straight on the conflict between economic growth and environmental protection. Climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution are just three powerful examples. And how will the next generation find jobs when the planet can’t support our overgrown economy? The CASSE position calls for a desirable solution – a steady state economy with stabilized population and consumption – beginning in the wealthiest nations and not with extremist tactics. Join the likes of E. O. Wilson, Jane Goodall, and David Suzuki; fill in the information below to sign the position and support a healthy, sustainable economy.

Go for it. After all, one of the definitions of madness is to continue doing the same thing and expect a different result.

By Paul Handover