Picture Parade Three Hundred and Thirty-Nine

Just a few from me!

All taken either from here at home or from a short ride away in the car.

A walk above the creek! 10th May, 2020.


Rain here at home. 17th May, 2020


Water iris in our pond. 17th May, 2020


Mount Sexton behind cloud. Taken here at home. 19th May, 2020.


Oliver. Taken at home, 17th May, 2020.


A local scene. 19th May, 2020 taken at 09:00.


Mount Sexton at 5am on the 27th May. Taken from the deck here at home.


Taken on the 27th May at 09:30, again from our rear deck. The cirrus clouds were fascinating.


A new leaf. Taken from home at 09:30 on the 27th May.


I looked up and saw this bird right by me. 27th May, 2020. We think it is a Junco.

Hope you enjoyed them.

No particular theme just a bit of fun!

8 thoughts on “Picture Parade Three Hundred and Thirty-Nine

    1. Yes, the history of this State is interesting. Originally gold brought the explorers out here, to the chagrin of the local native Indians, but things developed. It’s a beautiful place to live and we thank our luck for finding it. I hope to be able to take more photographs, Susan.

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    1. Paul, that’s very kind of you to say that. I must give credit to the forum Ugly Hedgehog and to the potential of the Nikon D750; it’s an incredible camera.

      Re my book, I’m sorry that the link doesn’t work. Email me, paulhandover (at) gmail (dot) com, and I will get one in the mail to you.


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