Hazel’s postscript.


In my post informing all you lovely people that Hazel had died in the early hours of Wednesday morning I included:

There has been so much interest and concern over her from you all that I wanted to post this without delay. We will be arranging to have the exact cause of death determined so that, too, may be shared with you all.

The background is that our vet, Dr. Jim Goodbrod, had been in touch with the appropriate health authority with regard to the risk of Coccidioidomycosis, the medical term for the fungal infection of Hazel’s lungs that was the first diagnosis of what was ailing Hazel. Reason why is that Coccidioidomycosis can be a danger to humans if the spores in a body are released following the corpse being open up.

The next step was that Oregon State University (OSU) expressed an interest in doing further research on Hazel’s body because Coccidioidomycosis was so rarely seen in Oregon. That would have entailed shipping Hazel’s body up to Corvallis in Oregon and then having her cremated up there.

In the end, we thought that the most dignified way of treating Hazel was to have her cremated by Stephens locally in Grants Pass. They have been very kind in keeping Hazel’s body chilled while we worked out the if’s and how’s of working with OSU.

We expect that by the end of today, Friday, our lovely dog will have been cremated.

On Saturday, I will be publishing a eulogy to Hazel and Sunday’s Picture Parade will be devoted to remembering the beautiful dog that she was.

8 thoughts on “Hazel’s postscript.

  1. I’m so sorry about your sweetheart. I know how hard it is. I like to think that they cross over to another – better realm with the love we gave them as their only luggage. Hazel is surely carrying a very heavy load of love, in peace. Sending you both my thoughts…


  2. I can only say dear Paul and Jean again, which seems very inadequate that I am thinking of your both as you go through this process and lay Hazel to rest..
    She couldn’t have wished for a better pair of Humans to give her so much Love and a welcoming Home..
    Love and warm hugs to you both.
    Sue ❤


  3. We do what we must. And whatever is best at the time. No harm, no foul. And agreed with Sue, I don’t know you personally, but I do know you gave Hazel the very best home she could ever have dreamed of in her doggy spirit days 😉 Aloha, and condolences.


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