Meet the dogs – Cleo.

Our penultimate ‘meet the dogs’.

So today, I write about Cleo and then next week it will be the final ‘meet the dogs’, the dog that started this blog: Pharaoh.



Cleo between guests Darla and Cody- picture taken yesterday.
Cleo between guests Darla and Cody- picture taken yesterday.

(Come back tomorrow to learn why Darla and Cody were with us yesterday!)

Where to start? I guess by going back to the days I was living in Devon, England.  That means going back to 2003, the year when it seemed the right time for me to get a dog.  There was always only one breed to be considered; the German Shepherd dog.  Thus that desire for a German Shepherd led me to Sandra Tucker not too many miles away who owned the GSD breeders Jutone. It was at Jutone’s where I saw the wonderful puppy dog who became my Pharaoh.

But Sandra did better than breed the dog that has meant more to me than words can ever describe,  she gave me some fantastic advice.  That being that when Pharaoh was getting on in life, then bring in a German Shepherd puppy.  There were two solid reasons why this made sense.  The first was that Pharaoh would teach the new puppy many of the skills and disciplines that Pharaoh had learnt as a young dog and, secondly, the puppy would keep Pharaoh active.

That puppy was Cleo.

First picture of our puppy - taken two days before we brought her home: 4th April, 2012
First picture of what was to be our puppy – 4th April, 2012, just two days before we brought her home.


Puppy Cleo coming home - April 6th, 2012
Puppy Cleo coming home – April 6th, 2012

Cleo was born on the 23rd January, 2012. At that time we were still living down in Payson, Arizona.  Right from the start she was, and still is, the most joyful, loving dog one could imagine.  That top photograph shows in her eyes the openness of her heart and soul.

First meeting between Pharaoh and Cleo; April 7th, 2012.
First meeting between Pharaoh and Cleo; April 7th, 2012.

So here we are coming rapidly up to the two-year anniversary of when Cleo entered our lives.

Cleo continues to be the most loving, gentle, sweet German Shepherd.  As Sandra so correctly predicted, Pharaoh has ‘taught’ Cleo a number of commands such as Sit, Stay, Lie Down, Come, and more.  Not a minute’s training of Cleo has come from Jean and me.  Cleo is very fond of Pharaoh and it’s obvious that Pharaoh gets a huge amount from having Cleo around him.


So see you next week for the final Meet the Dogs.

12 thoughts on “Meet the dogs – Cleo.

  1. “That top photograph shows in her eyes the openness of her heart and soul.”

    You’re clearly biased by your love for this animal. To me those eyes are pleading “This… this is so undignified. I do hope it doesn’t last long…” 🙂

    Of course I’m kidding. The only dog I’ve ever had with me is the black dog (though I sometimes daydream that if I did have a real dog it would have to be that breed that looks like a wolf), so any opinion I might venture on the topic should be considered in that light (ie totally worthless!).


    1. Two reactions to your wonderful comment.

      The first was to put a smile on my face, always a great way to start a new day (it’s 5:30 am).

      The second was that no opinion from you would ever be regarded as worthless, not even remotely so.


      1. Two – Jordan who is 19 and in college. And Peyton who is 16. I have only ‘produced’ Homo sapien boys and canine daughters. 😉


  2. I’ll always have a soft spot for GSDs. I have few pix of Prince, and you can’t see his face but scroll down and he’s there, along with his sad history.

    GSDs are incredibly intelligent, but the Podenco has surprised me. He is equally as bright and I never thought I would say that. Mind you, the family ridgeback was smart too. We got little Snowy like you did when Pippa was growing older thinking that Pippa would educate the young pup. In our case, it didn’t happen! About the only thing Snowy learned from Pippa was that Cats. Are. To. Be. Chased. Great. Did Snowy learn, calm, serene and tranquil? Did he ****. But, he’s a hunting dog, so you accept what you take. We took him as a rescue puppy without even knowing his breed. And, it’s good to learn about new breeds and learn from different dogs. I’d still have another GSD in a heartbeat though.


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