Back to dog healing!

Yet more evidence of the healing powers of dogs.

For today, I was going to post a graphic that was sent to me recently by ZocDoc (will offer the link tomorrow).  It’s a fabulous visual reminder of just how important dogs are to humans.

But aware that this subject has been touched on before (the name of the blog rather suggests this might happen!) I was trawling through nearly 4 years of posts and came across a post first published on October 7th, 2010; Real healing power.  So presuming that many of the current readers of Learning from Dogs (big hugs to you all) will not have seen that one, here it is again.


Ricochet – just another healing dog!


This story has spread far and wide but, nonetheless, deserves a Post on Learning from Dogs because it is the essence of what dogs offer the world – unconditional love.

To gain the trust of a dog and enter the special relationship that humans have with dogs is to understand the significance of taking people at their face value and expect nothing in return, as dogs do.

Ricochet was born as a service dog and entered into the appropriate training. But there was a hic-cup in her learning, fortuitous as it happened and …. no, that’s enough from me. Watch it yourself ….

Now take a few minutes and understand what Ricochet and Ian McFarland demonstrated to the world.

and here’s Ricochet website.

and, well … just think what the world would be like if we all understood the power of love!

Love is the only answer


Tomorrow – How wonderful it is to have a dog in our life.

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