Fighting pet homelessness, one animal at a time.

With big thanks to Trish for sending me these details.

It may seem entirely irrelevant to the wider world to focus on one homeless dog now taken into care and looking for a loving home but if one ‘raises’ the theme to that of which Learning from Dogs is all about, namely Dogs are integrous animals. We have much to learn from them then not so!

I’m not going to waffle around this for much longer except to ask you to go across to Patrice Ayme’s Blog and read his recent essay, Blood: Appetite Comes With Eating.  It’s a very erudite, and deeply upsetting, commentary on something I touched on in a recent Post.  Patrice writes, “Today we have just one civilization. If it dies, it will have no replacement.”  So go and read the full essay.

So when we wonder why there seems such a departure from integrity within the higher echelons of society, it makes my heart leap to be reminded of the innocence and integrity of dogs (and, of course, all of nature’s animals), and the outstanding beauty of all those who love and care for them.

So forget about the big, wide world for a while and read what Trish emailed me,

Tiny Tinker needs a forever home


Found fending for himself on the hot streets of South Phoenix, Tinker is six and a half pounds of pure puppy love! This sweet survivor was in very tough shape when he was rescued from the county shelter and brought to the vet. But while he was being examined, Tinker wouldn’t stop trying to kiss everyone around him, and couldn’t stop wagging his tail! Currently recovering in a foster home, this little trooper desperately needs to find a forever home where he’ll be loved for the rest of his life.

Can you help?

Tinker is a spunky sweetheart who loves to snuggle with people. According to the vet, this 12-year-old Chihuahua is the victim of bad genes and neglect. The poor baby was born with only one good eye, permanently dislocated back knees, and terrible teeth. He’ll have dental work done soon, so he can go to his new home with a healthy smile. But first, he needs to recover completely from kennel cough. His ragged ears are most likely the result of flies biting off the edges.

Despite everything, Tinker is one of the happiest little dogs you’ll ever meet. Extremely affectionate and full of energy, blood tests show he’s in overall good health. He’s already neutered, housetrained and up-to-date on his shots. And once he recovers, all he’ll need is medication for his knees to make him more comfortable. Tinker seems to like other dogs, so would welcome canine companions.

Small Chihuahuas can lead very long lives. And if ever a dog deserved to enjoy many years as someone’s cherished pet, it’s Tinker! If you or someone you know can offer him a good home, please contact Jill at (480) 363-8449 or  She’d be thrilled to hear from you and delighted to introduce you to the terrific Tinker, who is living in Phoenix.

You can also help Tinker find a home by posting his adoption flyer wherever you work, play or shop.

Thank you for anything you can do to help Tinker and for everything you do for the animals. Each act of kindness brings us one step closer to No More Homeless Pets®.

And from that flyer comes the following information …

Breed: Mix Chihuahua
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Sex: Male
Age: Senior
Description: Little Tinker found himself abandoned and left to fend for himself on the rough lonely and HOT streets in Phoenix, Arizona. His previous life, he was not well loved or cared for. When I met this little bugger, I fell in immediate love with him and got him fully vetted. He still needs a couple of teeth extractions but he is in excellent health otherwise – all bloodwork came back negative and normal for any possible under-lying medical conditions.

This is one happy boy! GREAT SELF-ESTEEM, his tail never stops wagging and he only weighs 6 1/2 itty bitty little pounds and yes he is around 12 years old. He is now current on all his vaccinations and is neutered. He has a lot of life and spunk about him despite all he has been thru….very lovable, snuggly, and affectionate little pooch. Tinker would love nothing more than to be your sweet little lap boy and car rides – yes, he loves to go in the car with you.

Pleae consider giving him a loving home – he deserves it!!!!
Contact: Jill Lenz Phone: 480-363-8449 Email:

So if you know someone who could help, then please follow that up.  If you don’t, then circulate these details just as far and wide as possible.  And if you are a person who might be interested or know someone who might be, and you are in another US State, then email or call Jill Lenz and say you saw the details on Learning from Dogs and somehow we can all work out how to get little Tinker in to your arms.

Thank you.

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