Edward Stobart, RIP.

Sad to read the loss of a giant of the UK’s hauliers.

I have no personal knowledge or experience of Eddie Stobart’s haulage firm.  But as someone who for many years operated as a salesman in the UK, with the associated high annual car mileages, seeing Eddie Stobart trucks on the road was a familiar experience.

This week’s copy of The Economist carried an obituary telling of the death, at the young age of 56, of Edward Stobart.

A Stobart truck, always spotlessly clean.

The UK Independent newspaper carried a report of Eddie’s death on the 31st March, as well as the BBC.  Here’s a flavour of the Independent’s report.

Edward Stobart, the trucking legend who brought the phenomenon of “Stobart spotting” to Britain’s motorways, has died from heart problems at the age of 56.

Mr Stobart turned his father Eddie’s agricultural seeds business into a multimillion-pound haulage empire and quirk of British culture.

“Edward built Eddie Stobart into the iconic brand and business we know today,” his brother William Stobart, who now runs the business, told staff yesterday with “great sadness and regret”.

Edward Stobart took over the business in the late 1960s and within a decade spotting the green-and-red livery of Eddie Stobart lorries had become a favourite way to while away long journeys.

As a sign of the company’s cult appeal, Twitter was flooded with condolences and messages of appreciation within minutes of the announcement of Mr Stobart’s death in hospital in Coventry

Great man, great entrepreneur, great loss.

Eddie Sobart.


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