Welcome Sweeny

The pain of losing Poppy dissolves with the love of Sweeny.

Regular followers of this funny old Blog will recall that last Friday we lost our sweet little Poppy out in the forest on one of our regular walks.  Jeannie has been in such pain since then despite trying very hard to move on really because Poppy was the only dog that she could cuddle and call her baby.  Even though Jean has no issues with not having been a mother in her life, it was clear that this tiny little dog had been answering Jean’s needs to nurture something that could be held close to her.

So today (Wednesday) we have been to our local humane society and found a little fella who can fill the void in our lives.  He is a puppy with the name of Sweeny.

And due to being very short on time just now, I trust you will accept a few pictures for today’s Post.

Arriving home
Welcome, little Sweeny
How cute is that!


Hi! I'm Pharaoh, going to be my buddy?

4 thoughts on “Welcome Sweeny

  1. Wow, Paul, I
    m so sorry about your loss. To lose one of my dogs or cats is one of my biggest fears.

    I’m glad, though, that you decided to open your homes and your hearts to little Sweeny. I wish you guys many many years of happiness together.


  2. Dear Jean and Paul,

    I am so sorry about Poppy, and I understand the pain felt in losing her. I know Sweeney will help you to heal. He is very cute!! Congrats on your new member to the family.


  3. Dear little Sweeny,
    You are extremely cute! I am very glad that Jean found you. I know you will help her heart mend and give her kisses when she misses her dear friend.
    Bless you and may you have many great years with your new family.



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