Happy New Year greetings from Jon!

Just wanted to add my best wishes to all Learning from Dog readers to those of Paul from yesterday.

Plus I did want to expand, just a touch, on what Paul wrote yesterday, more or less reflecting on an article by Leo Babauta.  In that post, Paul quoted Leo writing:

The thing I’ve learned, and it’s not some new truth but an old one that took me much too long to learn, is that if you learn to be content with who you are and where you are in life, it changes everything.

In a very real sense what Leo is saying is that if you don’t love yourself you can’t possibly ‘love’ the world around you.  Now this is incredibly easy to consider, too easy in fact, because the truth of loving oneself first is, for the vast majority of people, a complex, confusing and unclear journey, as in ‘self-journey’.  Read that quote from Leo again and see how he writes, ‘an old one [as in truth] that took me much too long to learn‘.

I’m sure when Leo writes ‘too long to learn‘ he is, in effect, acknowledging the very individual circumstances that lead to a person developing the awareness that is expressed in that quote ‘if you learn to be content with who you are and where you are in life, it changes everything‘.

So if 2011 is going to be a challenging year then hang on to the only rock in your life – yourself!  Embrace the reality that you, like all of us, do your best.  Be good and kind to you.

Happy New Year

By Jon Lavin

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year greetings from Jon!

  1. I totally agree, “”hang onto the only rock in life, Yourself””
    I would just like to say to the authors of this blog, I have enjoyed reading the various posts and glad I subscribed.. May 2011 be blessed with Good health, Happiness and Enlightenment.. Dreamwalker


    1. My dear Dreamwalker, your comment is very much appreciated, and thank you for that. Always happy to have guest posts and one from you would be especially welcome, if that grabs you! Happy New Year. Paul


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