My old English Master

Often our lives move in mysterious ways

For some reason I have been thinking a lot recently about my school English Master, perhaps as a result of feature articles on the Dead Poets Society and the Oxford Boys.

With a slightly unusual name, and some knowledge of an area I might concentrate on, I checked the internet and, indeed, found an address and phone number which might tie up.

Bearing in mind I left school in 1968, and probably last saw him in 1970, I was apprehensive about him remembering me.  I called the phone number.

A man answered, “Are you Mr Anthony Weeks-Pearson?” I asked. “Yes”, he said.

“My name is Robert Derham, I was a pupil at your old school during the 60s”, replied I.

“Oh”, he said, “I was thinking about you only yesterday!”

We then proceeded to have an hour-long conversation covering detailed facts from my happy school days. He was as sharp as a button, and had forgotten nothing!

I learnt so much more about him in that conversation and am looking forward to meeting him again next month. Isn’t that wonderful.

But there’s an even more interesting aspect to this event.  That is, what is the nature of coincidences? This video throws some light on this.

By Bob Derham

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