Jessica is Home!

Young Australian, Jessica Watson, is home safe and sound.

(Circumstances required that I had to prepare this Post well ahead of the confirmation that Jessica is back and as it happens, the chances are that when Jessica made it past the Sydney Heads finish line I was onboard a flight from Los Angeles to London.)


The youngest person to sail around the world solo, non-stop and unassisted, 16 year old Australian Jessica Watson, is expected to complete her historic voyage, arriving back in Sydney to a hero’s welcome on Saturday 15 May.

Jessica left Sydney on 18 October 2009 and has so far overcome every challenge that Mother Nature has thrown at her to achieve her goal.

Jessica needs to cross the finish line at Sydney Heads to officially complete her voyage.  She will then cruise down Sydney Harbour before disembarking at Sydney Opera House.

It is anticipated that Jessica will cross the finish line at approximately 11:30am and arrive at the Sydney Opera House around 12.30pm, the first time she will have set foot on land in almost seven months.

Readers of Learning from Dogs will know that we recognised Jessica’s brave and courageous voyage in a Post published on November 12th, 2009.

Soon memories such as this:

With the drogue trailing behind Ella's Pink Lady shaking off one wave with the next 10m monster coming up behind!

will be a thing of the past!

Our Post of last November is re-published below.

Here’s a great role model – and she’s 16!

Jessica Watson is a teenager. She is hoping to break the record for the youngest person to sail solo, non-stop and Jessica Watsonunassisted around the World. Whatever modern materials and technology can do to make sailing easier, sailing solo for weeks on end is grindingly tough at any age. She’s a wonderful example of the next generation!

Jessica Watson2

Jessica left Sydney Harbour on October 18, 2009 sailing her sloop Ella’s Pink Lady. Her course is an estimated 23,000 nautical miles requiring her to be roughly 230 days at sea.

As was said, this is no mean feat for any person. Read more about her on her website and her Blog.

Wish her luck and fair winds.

Jessica Watson3

By Paul Handover

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