The swimming pool, a story and a metaphor.

Most of us have been here but the ‘message’ is worth a ponder.

Last year as a friend and I were about to leave the heat of the United Arab Emirates, he announced that he was going to buy an above ground swimming pool to take back to England. I don’t know where he bought his, but I bought a similar

From this ...?
From this ...?

one which for some reason cost nearly twice as much.

What with one thing and another I never got round to erecting the pool, partly because the children seemed quite happy with the small plastic baby pool that they could jump in and out of.

This year I vowed to get the have the swimming pool up and running.

The area of garden where I thought it best to place the pool is on a slope, and you have to place these items on very level ground otherwise they will tip and become lop sided.

I decided the best thing was to excavate the ground so that the pool would sit part hidden in the garden. This work took ages, partly because the ground was so hard, and full of stones, flint, tree roots and bricks. At one stage I reached the stones of a large soak away that goes round the house, so that determined the level, and in the end I had to put some of the sifted earth back in the hole.

Even though this round pool is only 12 foot across I managed to fill the biggest skip that you can have delivered, and that cost £250.  To save the plastic base of the pool being punctured, I ordered a large amount of sand, and this came to £50. Soon the pool was being filled and there was great excitement. For the next few days the children made some use of the new toy, but the weather was a bit cold, and anyway we soon departed on holiday.

When we returned the water had started to become less than crystal clear, but now I had time to fit the pump, but the plug supplied was two pin so I had to buy an adaptor, oh, and a time switch!

Not far away I found a very helpful pool specialist, and soon had a supply of chemicals, and a bubble cover to stop the loss of heat at night time. That was only £50, but I thought the chemicals a bit expensive.

It looks as though tomorrow I will complete the landscaping with new turf which looks very nice, but cost £200, and took ages to lay.

We have just had harvest festival, so the leaves are turning, the blackberries are ready to pick, and it is a bit cold to go in the pool, but hey!, it looks great, and next year instead of playing with the hose and water sprinkler, the children will

to this ...?
to this ...?

be able to enjoy a lot of fun now they have a pool, but that reminds me tomorrow I must go and see my friendly pool specialist to buy a cover for the winter!

By Bob Derham

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