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Change is never easy ….

… but change is also the one constant in life.

For every one of us there is no escaping change.  It’s always been been that way; always will be.

Today, however, there’s an additional unsettling element.  I’m speaking of the growing realisation that humanity could be facing the perfect storm.  The ultimate storm of runaway climate change and the collapse of our global economy.

Therefore, when one comes across the wind of common-sense it needs to be promoted.  My reason for promoting the opening speech by Jennifer Granholm at the TED2013 conference.

Because if we are to find a way of avoiding this storm, we have to do it through innovative ways of thinking and behaving.  Each and every one of us deciding to work for a better future. (And see my P.S.)


Back in the days of dogs living as coherent packs, one of the key roles of the alpha dog was to decide a change of territory.  Then she, because the alpha dog was always a female, would lead the pack to a better place.

So we should learn from our ancient furry friends and take personal responsibility to find a ‘better’ place for ourselves and all our loved ones.