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Our trip to Utah, part two.

Continuing the journey.

Thursday, September 26th.

So, on the road again soon after 7am.

The countryside was enormous, a phrase that I will probably repeat. Our cattle experience of yesterday was repeated, albeit in a different way, today. Cattle feasting on the grass over hundreds of acres.

Then we came across this fine statue of a horse.

It was on the property of Crane Creek Ranch, another enormous homestead.

On and on we went.

The scenery gradually changed and more rocky land came closer to the road.

But we eventually got to the Salt Lake flats and continued to Loa, Utah, population less than 600 persons!

Where we stayed at the Sunny Motel. There was only about 20 miles to go, to the East, before we reached Capitol Reef National Park.

Tomorrow is another day!