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A dog’s love.

And the pain of loss.

Su Reeve is a good friend of Learning from Dogs as yesterday’s picture parade underlined.

She is also a passionate friend of the many needy feral dogs down in that part of Mexico where she lives with husband Don.

I write this to set the context of an email that came in yesterday from Su addressed to me and Jean.


I found her July 2nd in a parking lot in San Carlos (Mexico). I fed her and her mom, who were looking for food. At least the mom was looking for food for her baby girl.

She was about 6 months old and a beautiful, darling little girl.

She came to live with me the 28th of July … and she was the light of our lives. I have written about her before, and at this time do not want to go into it again.

Because at around 9 am this morning, this wonderful, impish little baby girl died suddenly of Acute Pulmonary Edema. She was healthy, happy, fully alive and wonderful. Two minutes later, she was dead …. at 10 months old.

My gardener came in to the house and told me he had the worst news ever…..”please come with me“, he said. I went out to the garage and saw her lying there. I rushed up and pushed on her stomach area and rubbed her body and talked to her for 20 minutes, but she was gone. She had defecated and pee’d and then died.

Oh my dear God, I cannot stop crying. She was so precious. She now is buried in my lower garden with many of my and Jeannie’s dogs and cats, guarded over by a statue of Saint Francis, the Saint of all animals.

Now I must go on and I don’t know how.

Rest in peace, my little one.

Jean and I were aghast at the news and Jean felt the pain as if it had happened to her.  I wrote Su asking for permission to publish her email, which was granted promptly as Su’s reply explains.

Diamonte was the most fun-loving, active, playful dog of all of them put together. She was always smiling and happy. I just cannot believe it.

I thought at first she got her collar caught and expired that way, and I heaped all of the fault on myself … tough to bear …. but on second look, there was no movement in the puppy corral and it was not out of place. It was a lot quieter this morning, as she was also the most vocal of the lot …. but I’d give anything to hear her barking this morning ….. 😦

I just cannot believe she is gone. Can’t stop crying over her death.

Please post if you’d like.

Then a little later Su sent me this poem.




Diamonte - just nine months old.
Diamonte – just nine months old.

I promised your mother I’d protect you, little one.
And now, the only thing I want to do is run.
You died from your heart not wanting to beat.
Your life was so short, but ever so sweet.
You were the one who made us all laugh,
and I am so devastated on your behalf.

I hope that I see you again some day,
And please know we miss you and oh, by the way,
We love you little one.
Even though your life is done,
You lie in my garden with Poncho and others,
along with sisters and brothers.

God wants you with Him to help people see,
That His name spelled backward on earth is the key.
Learning From Dogs is what we must do,
To know how to best live our lives ….. love Sue.

Goodbye little Diamonte,
I miss you so much.

The love we humans experience from our dogs is as close to perfect unconditional love as one can get. It is the one lesson above all others that dogs offer us.

The famous words from British poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson come to mind:

I hold it true, whate’er befall;
I feel it when I sorrow most;
‘Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.

I know that everyone who reads today’s post will offer up thoughts of love and compassion to Su.