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Back in business!

Of trees and internet services!

The weather at 6am didn’t bode well with a brisk wind blowing clouds across the summit of Mt. Sexton.

Lyman from Liberty Tree Enterprises arrived bright and early on Wednesday morning to set about felling the dead fir close to the North-East corner of our rear deck.

It was this dead fir, pictured to the left, that had had the wireless antenna installed on it soon after we moved in to Merlin, OR, back in 2012.

How the day would go was a bit of a guessing game: Would we need a new antenna because it would be broken when the tree hit the ground?; Would Outreach be out to see us reasonably soon after we called them to say that the tree was down?; Would there be complications that were unforeseen at this early stage of the ‘project’?

Well we wouldn’t have long to find out.

Lyman and his assistant were very careful in ensuring that the face of the cut, that would direct exactly where the tree fell, was aligned perfectly. I was very impressed with the care and attention put into this aspect of the felling process.

Then it was time to make the cut on the other side of the trunk and hammer in the wedges that would cause the tree to fall. At one point there was a gust of wind that had the tall trunk rocking on the base. We all held our breath.

But at 09:33 down it came!

Down it came perfectly. (Later I counted the rings to discover that the tree was 65 years old!)

Then it was a case of cutting off all the limbs and shredding them up on site. Inevitably the dogs took an interest!

Here’s Cleo making friends with Lyman.

On to stage two.

Outreach had been called and to our great relief we were told that Doug and Jennifer, the Outreach rigging crew, should be along later in the afternoon.

The two of them arrived and quickly established that the existing antenna had survived the drop!

Therefore, it wasn’t long before Doug was climbing another fir also conveniently close to the deck.

Doug earning his living big time!

And within the hour it was time to power up the router, switch on my iMAC and test for a signal!

The old antenna installed in its new home!


All was working and working well.

As you good people will understand it was too late in the day to sort out a post for yesterday.

Plus I needed a few hours to catch up on emails and stuff and then sort out the photographs that I had taken that day.

Then, yesterday afternoon, I sat down and ‘penned’ today’s post for you all.


Well done Liberty Tree and well done Outreach!

Water and the internet don’t mix!

Interesting run of weather just now!

At 9pm last night water running down the cable from the wireless internet antenna outside came into the house and caused the ‘power adapter’ unit to fail.

Amazingly between me and our supplier, Outreach Internet, service was resumed about an hour ago.

However, until the Outreach engineer can come to our property and do a proper clean-up job there’s no guarantee that we might not lose service again.

Just wanted all you good people to be aware of that.

(And as at this time of writing we are up to 4 in of rain since yesterday morning!)

Winter storms!

Apologies to you all!

Our internet service has been down, more or less the last several days.

It was restored some five minutes ago. Apparently down to the fact that our internet provider, Outreach Internet, had to purchase two snowmobiles to get access to the generators powering two of their masts!

The foul weather continues but fingers crossed so does our internet service.

Thus I hope Learning from Dogs returns to “normal service” starting with a new post at midnight PST tonight.

The ongoing saga!

Internet connectivity still an issue.

By the time you read this, one of two things will have happened. Either our existing provider will have given us a firm date for their service to be back to normal, or Jean and I will have placed an order for service from an alternative supplier.

If the latter, as I expect it will be, there will a delay before I can return to posting on a daily basis.

I will update this post accordingly.


Our provider have said that tomorrow (Friday) morning the new equipment will be installed on the wireless mast we link to and a new antenna put in place here at home. Fingers crossed that brings an end to what has been a frustrating few days.

Now back online!

Our internet service was reinstated at approximately 15:00 PDT Thursday, 11th June

Thank you for your kind and supportive comments to my previous post advising you that we lost our internet connection last Monday afternoon.

It is a little before 6pm PDT today, Thursday, and I shall return to my usual pattern of a daily post, technology notwithstanding, with effect from Saturday.

Outreach Internet had over 5 masts struck by lightning on Monday afternoon so, all things considered, did well to get me and my local neighbours back on line in three days.

Have to say it was beautifully quiet! 🙂

But I haven’t even opened my email inbox – leave that for the morning! 😦

Best wishes to all,


Crumbling edge technology!

Loss of internet service as of 14:00 PDT 8th June.

Dear Readers and Followers,

Around 2:30pm yesterday our wireless internet service we use went down. It reveals the only disadvantage of living in a rather rural location!  It is now twenty-four hours since our service failed and not only is it still down but the provider, Outreach Internet, are not giving any indication as to the nature of the problem and when they expect to be back online.

So for the first time in approaching six years there has not been a daily post today. More to the point I am incapable of letting you know when I will back to blogging!

I’m grateful to neighbours Jim and Janet for allowing me to use their computer and internet connection to publish this post.

Hopefully normal service will be resumed before too long!

Best wishes to all,



For the lack of a post this morning. It was just that by the time that Jean and I arrived back from our neighbours’ wonderful Thanksgiving dinner late yesterday afternoon, then fed the dogs and horses, it was early evening. Only for me to find there was no internet connection and an hour later I still hadn’t worked out why. So it was an early night. Then at 5am I awoke thinking I knew what the problem was.  It’s coming up to 5:30 and, as you can see, my hunch was correct. Next chapter of the book being published in under an hour!