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This is really great news!

Reproduced in full from the BBC.

There are so many times when a loving dog just has to do what it has to do.


Camp Fire: Dog missing from Paradise wildfire found after 101 days

21 February 2019

Kingston is believed to have survived by hunting skunks

A dog called Kingston has been reunited with his owners 101 days after he went missing during the deadliest wildfire in California’s history.

The Ballejos family last saw Kingston, an Akita, during the devastating Camp Fire in November.

Kingston, who is 12 years old, had jumped out of their truck as they fled their home in Paradise.

A local animal rescue volunteer caught Kingston on Sunday, and the family believe he survived by hunting skunks.

About 18,000 homes were destroyed and 86 people killed after the Camp Fire broke out and spread rapidly on 8 November north-east of San Francisco.

“When I found out, [it] just about brought me to tears,” Gabriel Ballejos told Associated Press (AP) after being reunited with his dog. “I’m so proud of him. I can’t believe it. He’s a true survivor.”

The family posted flyers and contacted shelters in the hope Kingston would be found. He was eventually recognised by someone who saw a post online.

Over the weekend, animal rescue volunteers spotted a large dog on surveillance cameras before setting up a trap to secure Kingston.

“When I went to check [the trap] on Sunday, there he was,” local dog-trapper Ben Lepe told AP. “It was awesome to see him and know he would be fed and warm.”

Kingston, who the family say was known to hunt skunks before the fire, smelled so strongly of the pungent odour that volunteers spent several hours washing him before reuniting him with the Ballejos family.

“He still smelled even though they used stuff that neutralises the skunk smell,” Suzanne Maxwell, a local resident and volunteer for Friends of Camp Fire Cats, told the BBC.

She described a “heart-warming” reunion between Kingston and his family.


I bet that heart-warming doesn’t do it justice!

Please find Lucy!

A dear dog has gone missing.


With a sub-title regarding a missing dog, why on earth would I lead with a picture of fine food?

I will tell you.

In the last hour, Jean and I have come back from a meeting with the General Manager of a restaurant nearby in Grants Pass: the River’s Edge restaurant.  That picture is on the home page of the restaurant’s website.

The GM’s name is Missy Clements and she is also the banqueting manager.  Jean and I have previously enjoyed wonderful meals at the River’s Edge and the reason for meeting up with Missy was to kick around some ideas for a future event at the restaurant.

Anyway …..

During the meeting the conversation inevitably led to dogs and Missy, with obvious pain in her voice, explained that her six-year-old Boxer mix, Lucy, had recently gone missing.

I offered to post an item in this place, hence this coming out an an unusual time.

Please do all you can to share this, especially if you are in the Southern Oregon area.  The address where Lucy was last seen was Crooks Creek Road, a few miles North-East of Selma in Oregon; Selma being 20 miles to the South-West of  Grants Pass.  If you have any questions or, even better, think you have some information on the whereabouts of Lucy then Missy has given me permission to publish her email address; that is: clements (dot) missy57 (at) gmail (dot) com

Finally, here is a recent photograph of Lucy.

Please stay alert for Lucy.
Please stay alert for Lucy.

Please hold Lucy in your heart.