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Follow up to The Four Divine States

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

A few days ago, I published an article setting out the place of the Four Divine States in our daily lives.

A regular follower of Learning from Dogs, Patrice Ayme, posted a comment on the article.  This is what Patrice wrote.

No empathy survives contact with the enemy. This is the problem with the business of goodness, and how it ties up with evil.

The problem with goodness, or lack thereof, is that it is not how hatred and war are generated. More goodness does not a peace make. All it can very well do is reinforce the tribal instinct.

Understanding may start with the heart, but it survives only through the facts. Most humans have known and experienced love. To teach them love is to teach them water: the height of emotional arrogance. The truly good, instead, will teach the facts.

This is my attempt to shed more light on my approach, for followers of truth on the same path.

With great respect to Patrice, who is clearly a great thinker, I shall avoid justifying what I wrote previously or engaging in debate as the truth is non negotiable.

Take a look at the following chart. (Note: We inadvertently published the chart without the written permission of Veritas Publishing and upon being advised, immediately removed it.  The map of consciousness may be viewed on the Veritas Publishing web site and purchased for the small sum of $6.00.)



This ‘Map’ was developed by Dr David R Hawkins to show the logarithmic levels of human consciousness.  Here is how it is described on David Hawkins’ web site:

Over 250,000 kinesiological calibrations spanning 30 years of multiple research studies conducted by The Institute for Spiritual Research, Inc., have defined a range of values corresponding to well-recognized attitudes and emotions.

Important areas to look at occur at level 200, the doorway at which integrity is possible, and 500, where information is processed differently and we move out of a factual world, controlled by the intellect. The 400s is the world of science and the intellect, the 500’s, the beginning of the world of the non linear.

Patrice’s, or anybody else’s, great level of intellect is being used to explain something on a higher level – it just can’t be done! The Buddha, Christ and Krishna were all what the world calls avatars, i.e. on levels of 1000 or greater.

The Brahma Viharas where developed by the Buddha, a divine being at level 1000 or over.

By Jon Lavin