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This is why we love our dogs!

And it is just one of many reasons!

There are so many stories about dogs that I stick into a folder to keep them separate from my general inbox. They come in on a more-or-less daily basis. I love republishing them and until I can’t tell up from down will continue to do so.

Take this article for instance. Published by The Dodo it is a supreme example of why our dogs are so treasured.


Dog Can’t Believe His Dad Finally Found Him After 200 Days Apart

“Blue was shocked for a split second, like, ‘Am I believing my eyes?’”

By Lily Feinn
Published on 10/23/2020.

In early April, the Washington County Animal Shelter received a call: a stray dog named Blue had shown up at a stranger’s house, looking for a safe place to rest. An animal control officer rushed over to pick up the pit bull mix and bring him back to the shelter.

No one knew how long Blue had been on the streets, but the homeless pup seemed to love every human he came across.


“He was a happy-go-lucky dog,” Tammy Davis, the shelter’s executive director, told The Dodo. “He was a little shy at first, and he wasn’t very fond of all the other dogs being around him, but he was extremely affectionate to people and very loving to the staff.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the shelter had to close its doors to the public and make any visits by appointment only. With less foot traffic, Blue sat waiting in his kennel for months — which turned out to be a blessing in disguise.


To introduce Blue to some potential adopters, the shelter posted a video of Blue playing with his favorite toy on their Facebook page. Moments later, a comment on the video read, “That’s my dog.”

Blue had gone missing from his Tennessee home six months before. His dad tirelessly searched for him but eventually had to relocate to Texas for work. He thought that he’d never see his dog again until his friend sent him the video of Blue on Facebook.

All that was left to do was confirm whether the man claiming to be Blue’s owner was telling the truth: “Blue’s favorite toy in the shelter was a blue squeaky ball and in our video, he was playing with that ball,” Davis said. “Once we started the conversation with the owner he said, ‘Yes, I have pictures of my dog.’ He sent us pictures of Blue in his home with that same blue ball, which was his favorite toy at home. It was crazy.”


Blue’s dad drove 1,200 miles to get his boy, and the reunion was everything they could have hoped for.


“It was very obvious that the dog had a bond with that person,” Davis said. “Blue was shocked for a split second, like, ‘Am I believing my eyes?’ And then it was just immediate kisses and the man was crying, it was great.”


You can watch the heartwarming reunion here:

Now, Blue is back with his dad and the two are starting a new life together in Texas full of love, snuggles and squeaky balls.

“We wish that every animal could have a happy ending like that,” Davis said. “It makes all of our hard work worth it to be able to have moments like this.”

To help other dogs like Blue find their forever home, you can make a donation to the Washington County Animal Shelter.


See what I mean. Blue’s Dad, from the photographs a gent in the later stages of life, brought to tears by the reunion. It’s an incredible story as well as a very beautiful account of bringing together Blue and his Dad across all those miles.

Nothing more to add!

This is just beautiful!

In a world that is becoming madder by the day it’s good to read such stories!

The news from many quarters is increasingly alarming.

For example, I was reading in a recent issue of Science magazine about the Antarctic. From page 1331:

The Antarctic Ice Sheet is losing mass at an accelerating pace, and ice loss will likely continue over the coming decades and centuries. Some regions of the ice sheet may reach a tipping point, potentially leading to rates of sea level rise at least an order of magnitude larger than those observed now, owing to strong, positive feedbacks in the ice-climate system.

Melting ice on the coast of Adélie Land in East Antarctica. REUTERS/Pauline Askin

One can easily read many other stories of doom and gloom.

So what about this for a change? From The Dodo.


Little Girl Joins Her Dogs Every Day To Get A Treat From The Neighbor.

“She just trots on over to the fence to line up with the dogs.”

Photo Credit: Mike Whalley

Sometimes you just want to be part of the pack. And the fact that Ramona is a toddler and her brothers Zeus and Blue are dogs makes no difference.

The pups are happy to include her and are always gentle and relaxed around her.

Ramona loves hanging out with them, though she hasn’t learned how to be gentle yet: “She loves her big puppies and is always trying to give them kisses,” Mike Whalley, Ramona’s dad, told The Dodo. “She also often finds them hilarious, frequently having giggle fits about something they’re doing like chasing their tail or jumping around for toys or snacks.”

Photo Credit: Mike Whalley

So when Ramona realized that her brothers were getting treats each day from their neighbor — she had to be involved.

“[Our] neighbor, Gary, originally shared a bologna sandwich with Zeus one afternoon. He asked us if it was all right and then he started buying boxes of dog treats to offer,” Whalley said. “At first, it was just Zeus, then we got Blue and he joined in.”

As soon as Ramona was able to eat solid foods, the neighbor offered her a freshly baked oatmeal cookie and Ramona quickly realized how good her dog brothers had it. “Now that she’s walking and mobile she just trots on over to the fence to line up with the dogs so she can get her ‘treats’ too,” Whalley said.

Photo Credit: Mike Whalley

Of course, their generous neighbor gives the dogs a few more treats each day than Ramona. “They get their breakfast treat, lunchtime, coffee break and their bedtime snack,” Whalley said. “For bedtime, they get their bigger bone to ‘brush their teeth.’”

“Ramona usually joins in for the afternoon treats and it’s usually a cookie or some Ritz crackers,” he added.

Zeus and Blue have Gary on a strict schedule, and if he misses their treat time they make sure to let him know. Now that Ramona is part of the pack, Gary never lets them down.


It takes such stories as this one to keep us all on the straight and narrow, so to speak, and not to worry too much about the future.