Guest Authors

Bob Derham is a commercial pilot of many years experience but much more than that a family man with a sixteen year old daughter from a 25 relationship. Now married to a younger wife and with two more children, a girl of eight and a boy of four.

Home is a thatched cottage in the New Forest in Southern England. We have two collie crossed springer dogs, who are with us all the time. My commercial flying comes with additional work as a type rating instructor on Airbus aircraft.

Life has been made up of lots of things, living and working in different countries. Trying my hand at various additional businesses. I have a very real interest in Classic cars, and am open to new ideas and opportunities.

I tend to work outside the box, and am not too happy with the modern world, so will often revert to ideas based on how things used to be!

Chris Snuggs is British language teacher, specialising in English as a Foreign Language (EFL). He has over 40 years teaching and management experience in different types of school both private and state in the UK, Germany, France and Africa.

The archetypal European; my second wife is German, our nine-year-old son was born in France but is British and Chris Snuugstri-lingual in English, French and German – my first wife was Spanish and we had three daughters, one of whom works in Sydney, another in Madrid and the third in London.

Very interested in politics, particularly in the extent to which politicians talk rubbish – I detest lies, venality, corruption, soggy thinking, cowardice, spin, nationalism and demagogery, of which there is almost everywhere far too much. I would like to further international understanding and the Human Spirit.

All opinions expressed here are those of the authors alone, and not necessarily those of the organizations with which they are affiliated or any other organization or person.

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