Picture Parade Two Hundred and Ninety-Nine

Dear Pharaoh.

For some reason I have found myself thinking of you dear dog in the last couple of days so please forgive the indulgence.

First published on June 4th, 2017.


 In celebration of Pharaoh’s 14th birthday yesterday.

(Long-term followers of this place will have seen many of these photos before.)

Just being a dog!


Luckily the training paid off! Pharaoh was fabulous around sheep!


Pharaoh riding the back of the Piper Super Cub


Pharaoh enjoying Bummer Creek.


On board the Dart Valley Steam Railway stopped at Buckfastleigh Station.


Pharaoh, relaxing in a Devon garden.


First meeting between Pharaoh and Cleo; April 7th, 2012.


Pharaoh with little Poppy, a stray found on a Mexican building site


Hi Pedy, I’m the bossman around here. Name’s Pharaoh and you’ll be OK.


Taken on the afternoon of Pharaoh’s birthday, June 3rd 2017.


The face of a King of dogs!


Dear Pharaoh!

16 thoughts on “Picture Parade Two Hundred and Ninety-Nine

  1. Oh what we’d give for one more cuddle or caress with a late beloved dog ! Their memory is embedded in our hearts.


    1. Oh that’s kind of you. Pharaoh, it turned out, was a Beta dog. One down from an Alpha female, Alpha’s are always female, and Beta dogs are always male. The role of the Beta is to be the pack’s policeman, especially breaking up squabbles. He was a wonderful animal.

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    1. Hello Val. Yes, the most beautiful of memories. I was reading a draft chapter of my, as yet unpublished memoir, about Pharaoh and it had me in tears. The moment that Brandy, our Gt. Pyranean/Mastiff cross, truly showed his love for Jean and me. We hadn’t had Brandy all that long when Pharaoh died and Brandy recognised the loss of Pharaoh. From that day forth Brandy has shown pure, unconditional love to Jean and me.

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