More on silence

From out of silence come all the answers we need.

On the 2nd November, I wrote an article speaking of the fabulous programme that had been aired on the BBC Two channel of BBC TV.  While it was available on the BBC’s iPlayer for viewers in the UK, this is not the perfect vehicle for all those who would have been interested in watching the three episodes.

Thus I am delighted to see that the full set of three programmes has been uploaded to YouTube.  They are broken down into twelve parts so to make the watching process more digestible, I propose to create three Posts with four segments in each Post.  The first four video segments are below.

But to recap what was written just over a month ago.

Like many others, I saw the first episode of the BBC2 television programme, The Big Silence. It clearly touched many people. (Useful links at the very end of this article.)

I wanted to throw a bit of light on this fascinating subject.  As the five people in the TV programme all readily admit, real silence is rather scary to them.

Why would something so wished for by so many – an hour doing absolutely nothing – be sufficiently scary that, in reality, the majority will do everything in their power to avoid silence?

We all have unhappy demons, OK some more than others.  We start to hear them when we gift our bodies and minds the grace of real silence.  I deliberately included the word ‘bodies’ even though silence is a ‘mind’ thing because resting our bodies with regular silence will also be very therapeutic for us.

What does coming to terms mean?  It means giving space to those inner thoughts so that one can clearly hear them.  You probably won’t make sense of them, indeed they may have a great unsettling effect, but they won’t hurt you.

Indeed, it’s when we try and stop those inner demons that they manifest themselves in many other ways: fidgeting, funny little unexplained aches, itchy skin, short-tempers, constant feeding of the ego, and on and on and on.

A good indication of what’s going on ‘under the bonnet’, so to speak, is to see if you can sit still in a relaxed manner for just 15 minutes.

Want more from that earlier Post?  Here’s the link.

Now to the first set of four YouTube videos:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Parts five to eight tomorrow.


By Jon Lavin

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