Antonina Whaples — future fitness celebrity?

Showing dedication to health (and chain saws!)

Wake Forest University has an interesting program at our fitness center where students can be trained by certified personal trainers at an extremely discounted rate.  I have been doing this program for several months with a trainer named Antonina Whaples.  Aside from being a full time student at the university, “Nina,” as her friends call her, has just launched her career as a a figure competitor.  The whole process has exposed to me a side of the fitness world that I was not even really aware existed, but have found to be quite interesting.

Fitness world

Antonina recently competed in the National Physique Committee North Carolina State Championships, where she placed fifth — a very impressive feat for a first time competitor.  However, the real story is not just the competition itself, but also the work that went in to prepare for such an event.  Antonina’s diet, workouts, and lifestyle were all completely centered around this competition; it was dedication like I have rarely seen.  Antonina talked about this in an April 12 interview with the blog Promoting Real Women:

My trainers Jill Coleman (diet), and Kimberley Coronel (weight training) were essential to my process. The quality of my diet came out on stage and I trust Jill 100%. I never cheated on her plan and I was super pleased with my results. I know that this next show I will come in even leaner and fuller. I wouldn’t be where I am at all without the creative genius of Kim. She has built my body rep by rep and is my rock. I am proud to say that she is both my trainer and friend, and one of my greatest inspirations. One of the biggest things that mattered to me show day was making her proud!

Antonina (Don't try this at home! Ed.)

Before the show, Nina also did a photoshoot.  The pictures are really creative, and the fact that one of her majors is studio art really comes out.  My personal favorite is the photo featuring black leather boots and a chainsaw as the accessories of choice.

There’s a saying among Antonina’s friends that she is “intense.”  And if anyone has ever embodied the word “intense,” it certainly is Antonina Whaples.

Her blog, fitNasti, will be moving to a dot com domain name in the coming weeks, and I would not be surprised if after that her site continued to grow in popularity.

Keep an eye on Antonina Whaples — this girl is going places.

By Elliot Engstrom

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