Don’t Ask a Lawyer about Terrorists!

Criminals or enemies of the State?

I’ve just about had it with the media interviewing lawyers and judges about the courtroom developments in the case against the “underwear” bomber.   They all, without exception, end up circling around to the apparently “happy” fact that this individual will be found guilty of the charges against him (none of which includes any reference to terrorism, by the way), and will spend the rest of his life in jail.

My reaction?  SO WHAT???? The mere fact that the likely verdict is a topic of discussion is insanity!  Finding him guilty is not the point; it is precisely beside the point!  He is not a criminal — he is an enemy combatant, a willing participant in an on-going war with the United States.  And he should be treated as such.   There is a reason we don’t fight wars in courtrooms.

EVEN Obama had to finally admit that fact when he used the word “war” for the first time in discussing this issue.

By Sherry Jarrell

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