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Banks are being paid to NOT LEND!

It’s a funny old world just now!

The President of the United States recently pressured the heads of the nations’ largest banks to increase lending to

Pres. Obama

small business and home-owners.  Obama claimed that the banks, as recipients of federal bailout funds, had an unusually heavy responsibility to take such measures in order to create more jobs and help nurse the economy back to health.  All of this was done very publicly and with much fanfare.  Worldwide press coverage was universally favorable.

Seems reasonable, doesn’t it?

But it is not.  You are being duped.  I can’t tell whether whoever writes this stuff for Obama knows the truth and skilfully skirts it, or just writes flowing prose with no connection to the truth that curries voter buy-in by blaming Wall Street and Corporate America for all that’s wrong in the world.

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