Light My Fire?

Any firelighters out there?

I am not sure what the problem is, but I’ve had a difficult time of late finding the passion.

Maybe it’s the continuous stream of bad news that greets us every morning on everything from war and oil spills to lawsuits and unemployment.

Maybe it’s the finger pointing: no one standing up to take responsibility, everyone passing the blame (except for General McChrystal, who likely took the blame for his staff).

Maybe it’s the lack of leadership: we don’t really know where we are headed, and we have no plan for figuring out how we are going to get there, wherever that is.

So what do you do to find your passion?  Write in and let us know!   Inspire us!  We would love to hear what you do to “light your fire!”

Light my Fire?

by Sherry Jarrell

4 thoughts on “Light My Fire?

  1. I get creative. I make something. I bake. I cook. I write. I make art. I plant something or just weed the landscape. I do something creative that makes me feel that just for a moment I am in control of at least my own life even if it is rearranging my closet to increase functionality. And I listen to music-loudly.
    The media and the state of world affairs can bring anyone down so I think sometimes it is important to “turn off and tune out”. When it really comes down to it, it’s what is within our 4 walls that really matters. And having control over that, at the very least, fuels my passion to make my little corner of the world a better place.


  2. When the heartless cross the desert, where do the walls come from? Where do the profits come from? In the derivative universe, what came of reality? we want to manage (nomy) the house (eco) because we have heart. And only because. It is not finance which is the most important, but the heart. Economy without heart is like chicken without head: no future.


  3. Well, is it perhaps that we expect too much? Hasn’t “civilised man” all too often lived in a state of misery, shambles, chaos, doubt and confusion?

    Let’s start with hideous slavery under the Egyptians. Then the civilised Greeks had to fight awful wars against the Persians. Look at the appalling damage done by the Romans. Then came the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, Genghis Khan ravaging his way across Central Asia, the Plague, the religious wars, the 30 years war, slavery, colonialism, the 20th century, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and on and on.

    The “Golden Ages” of which we dream and perhaps imagine once existed were in truth few and far between. Our recent stupendous mastery of technology has led us somehow to believe that all the rest of the problems are as easily solvable. Finding out that they aren’t is a big disappointment to you Sherry, since you are an idealist – and all the better for that. Me, I’m an old cynic! Sadly, I struggle to be positive. The progress of the Human Spirit is painfully slow. During my lifetime, millions in North Korea have lived and died without EVER knowing freedom, either of place or thought.

    Must go – off to the kitchen to make a cordon bleu meal for guests washed down with claret to the sound of Mozart. That’ll have to do for the moment – saving the world will have to come later …..!!!


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