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Messages of love!

Maybe not what you expected to read!

Big thanks to Cynthia, wife of Dan Gomez, for including me in a recent email to a group of her friends.

This is what I received from her.



A group of women were at a seminar on “How to live in a loving relationship with your husband“.

The women were asked, “How many of you love your husband?” All the women raised their hands.

Then they were asked, “When was the last time you told your husband you loved him?

Some women answered today, some yesterday, some couldn’t remember.

The women were then told to take out their cell phones and text their husband: “I love you, sweetheart.

The women were then told to exchange phones and to read aloud the text message responses.

Here are some of the replies:

  • Who is this?
  • Eh, mother of my children, are you sick?
  • I love you too.
  • What now? Did you crash the car again?
  • I don’t understand what you mean?
  • What did you do now?
  • ?!?
  • Don’t beat around the bush, just tell me how much you need?
  • Am I dreaming?
  • If you don’t tell me who this message is actually for, someone will die.
  • I thought we agreed we would not drink during the day.
  • Your mother is coming to stay, isn’t she??


Romantic notions of love ....
Romantic notions of love!

No further comment or reflection from me!  Except to say, “vive la différence!

The power of touch

Nature, once again, shows the value of loving contact during those crucial early years.

I’m writing this at 7.45am on the 30th.  Coincidentally, Jean and I were chatting in bed about an hour ago about this ‘touchy – feely’ stuff.  This was a bed having four dogs on it!  One of those, Hazel, was laying alongside my left leg just sucking up me stroking her head and tummy.  Jean and I were musing that for animals and humans, how we are touched by our parents, especially our mother, during those first few years of growing up has profound implications for how we as adults respond to being touched and hugged.

So then I opened up my mail box and there was this sent by Cynthia Gomez serving as a wonderful reminder of the power of touch.  Thanks Cynthia, great timing!


Some pictures just don’t need captions.
There is nothing like Mom’s lap no matter who you are. This is precious !!!!
This is a newborn offspring of Taskin, a Gypsy Stallion owned by
Villa Vanners of Oregon ..
These pictures were taken immediately after his birth on April 6.
The mare laid down, and then he trotted around and
crawled right up into her lap.
So give someone a hug today!

Are you there, but not present?

Communicating effectively means being totally mentally connected.

I have been working with a client recently through a very tough performance improvement plan.

As part of the plan, my client had to be videoed working with people in his workplace. I had to observe the video and then give feedback on it.

He seemed very efficient and made notes whilst he worked with each person. Occasionally though, something didn’t seem to be quite right. When I watched more closely I realised what was wrong. He wasn’t present. He wasn’t really connecting with the people he was working with.

It made me reflect on how much more effective he would have been if he had been able to connect with these people? I wondered if he was even able to understood about being present and what that meant?

By Jon Lavin