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Postscript on reasonable men

In praise of thoughtful, articulate people who reason their way through life.

Let me say that I know no more about the person who is Neptunus Lex than anyone else who takes the time to read his Blog.  And after I justify the sub-heading of this Post I will give you those links to Mariner Lex.

If you have come into the topic just now, then you may want to read the two Posts on fate.

The first Post was published on October 6th, the second Post the next day.  In a sense, these Posts connect with the Carrier series by PBS that you can link to here.

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Wolf meets Man

An amazing true story of a relationship between a wild wolf and a man.

This is a story of a particular event in the life of Tim Woods told to me by his brother, DR.  It revolves around the coming together of a man sleeping rough, with his dog, on Mingus Mountain, and a fully grown female Gray or Grey Wolf. Mingus is in the Black Hills mountain range between Cottonwood and Prescott in Arizona, USA

DR and his brother, Tim, belong to a large family; there are 7 sons and 2 daughters.  Tim had a twin brother, Tom, and DR knew from an early age that Tim was different.

As DR explained,

Tim was much more enlightened than the rest of us.  I remember that Tim and Tom, as twin brothers, could feel each other in almost a mystical manner.  I witnessed Tom grabbing his hand in pain when Tim stuck the point of his knife into his (Tim’s) palm.  Stuff like that!  Tim just saw more of life than most other people.

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What not to say

John Lewis joins Learning from Dogs

On September 3rd, a Post was published about John.  Anyone who read that Post will understand the pleasure that both John and I got from being re-connected.  Subsequent chats since that Post have shown that there are many parallels in the way that we think, see the world, and speculate as to what, really, is going on!  It was inevitable that I would ask John to join Learning from Dogs and, when I did, John’s immediate ‘yes’ was proof indeed that this was the right thing for us.  A strong desire to do something is always important.

John’s first Post shows that he will be welcomed by all who read this Blog.


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Good old-fashioned service values

What a delight to come across people who care.

This is a personal story with a wider message. That great after-sales service matters and in these difficult times will make the difference between surviving and even growing, or failing.

I drive a 2005 5.7 litre Jeep.  It was bought (second-hand) when I arrived in the US about a year ago, en route to JeepMexico.

Just recently the automatic transmission failed.  There was no choice but to commit it to the local Mexican Jeep dealership for repair.  This is a sophisticated transmission system and I was seriously worried that it was going to be a nightmare.

I didn’t account for the help from AASTRO in Tucson, where the Jeep had been serviced a couple of times.

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