Jordan Peterson states the obvious …

….. but maybe not. Certainly one needs to reflect on his message.

As Wikipedia put it: “He is considered to be a member of the intellectual dark web.”

But this talk, just under nine minutes, is excellent.

I would love to get your thoughts! (And I’m sorry about the ads!)

6 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson states the obvious …

  1. A lot of what Jordan is saying is true. Unfortunately, since social media is such a huge part of our culture, it breeds discontent because we constantly measure ourselves by other people’s standards. Everyone is successful, every relationship is great when the truth is exactly the opposite. A rule of thumb, keep your thoughts to yourself. Keep some things secret. Protect your energy. Stay in your lane. That is the only way to be happy in this world.


    1. And I would add to what you say, Susan, that the truth is that which is born out of facts not speculation. I am going to show another video in a week’s time but will keep the details for another day.


  2. I listened to a lot of Jordan Peterson’s talks. I’m not sure you position on him but like everyone else, I take what’s useful to me and leave the rest. I found a lot of value there. Because my daughter and I are on the road and sharing a room, I couldn’t really hear what the talk said completely but knew he was the one I listened too so often.


  3. Hi Paul, Much of which Peterson says in this particular video is basic knowledge and commonsense. I agree with him that life is difficult. Much of what he says ( eg about taking responsibility for one’s actions, making an effort and not sponging on other people ) have also been the subject of best selling books in earlier times ( eg The Road Less Travelled my M. Scott Peck.)
    I am quite familiar with Peterson’s views, having listening to over 20 of his interviews and talks in the past and perused his website ( now much changed).
    Although he may have mellowed somewhat after his serious illness (?) I can never be a fan of his.
    He has stated in the not too distant past that he doesn’t believe in climate change. (possibly now changed??). He doesn’t believe that the world is overpopulated and believes that “contraception shall be the downfall of civilisation”. ( direct quotes) He is a social conservative and somewhat misogynistic having said –
    – that “women were much happier in the 1950’s” (I really don’t know where to start with that one!!)
    – that “women who decide not to have children are failing in their moral responsibility”,
    – that men and women working together is “problematic”.
    – that “socially enforced monogamous conventions decrease male violence.”
    – that “ the male is order, the female is chaos”.
    – that the male is “ the divine individual’ , whereas the female is “ the divine mother and child” .
    He has criticised the idea of the patriarchy in earlier times and has consistently defended historical social structures and defined gender roles, saying that that is what biology demanded. ((How I ask, did the need for women to breastfeed and look after their children justify denying them the right to vote – which was resisted for SO long).
    It’s very clear that he is an anti feminist and that he harkens back to an era when men were the undisputed heads of their households and women knew their place.
    For the population generally, he believes in social hierarchy because even lobsters have hierachies. (Yes, read his book)
    For this reason, he does not believe in a welfare state or in things like universal health insurance.

    His socially and economically conservative, anti science, anti environment and anti women views have always been quite worrying to me given his large media exposure and explain why he has received huge support from alt right men and Trump supporters. It’s been estimated that at one time he was receiving between $80,000- $100,000 a month from citizen donors in his Patreon account.
    In some ways I admire his traits of self disclosure and his honesty. I haven’t looked at his talks or his (newish) podcast for nearly two years now – hopefully he has “grown” in his fundamental beliefs about women as well as social democracy.


    1. Margaret, you have said it all! I couldn’t agree with you more but then I speak as a liberal, equal rights person, humanist! Thank you for your long, precious reply.


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