Day Twenty-Four of Tom and Chica’s walk.

The walk with Chica and Merlin continues.

I must say that this walk along GR7 takes in a great deal of fabulous countryside.

Just look at the opening photograph of the almond blossom and the snow caps in the distance. All credit to the team!

Taken from here with Tom and Gilliwolfe’s permission.


Day 24: Camp site* to Arenas del Rey and beyond 17k

By Tom and Chica, 26th February, 2020

Written by Tom’s wife.

Woke this morning to find hoar frost on inner and outer of the tent fly sheet. Porridge made for a warming breakfast along with strong coffee and parrots (sic. He means paracetamol. Ed).

As I was packing up, I was joined by marauding dogs, two of which decided to follow me all day to the next village whereupon they promptly disappeared. Bit of a relief as I was rather taken with the cute young Jack Russell bitch, a very endearing dog.

Arenas del Rey was apparently closed for the day so I spent a bit of quality time in the town square brewing coffee, drying my tent and washing my feet at the fuente directly beneath the holy shrine at the front of the church. Fortunately, there was no-one around to witness this disrespectful behaviour!

After foot repairs and a light lunch I set off on route to Jayena. Once it got dark, route finding became trying so at 8pm I pitched the tent by a river. I went to sleep to the ever-present chorus of distant barking dogs.

Ice on the tent.
Bee hives.
Beware! Bees at work.
Stone threshing circle.
Almond Blossom for the bees.
Snow caps getting closer.
Finally wearing that hat. Does the job!


I have just about muttered all the ooh’s and aah’s I can about this walk and the stupendous photographs.

Just loving it as much as everyone else!

9 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Four of Tom and Chica’s walk.

  1. Well I’m oooing and ahhing with you. I love these pictures and it really reminds me of my cycling, seeing all these different things and the absolute beauty of it all. It’s greener than I had imaged but perhaps that’s just the time of year?? I’ve never seen so many beehives… Looking forward to the next instalment. Katie


      1. We have seen Bumble bees early Huge ones… But the weather is so up and down.. Too warm one minute that is bringing them out and then it drops very cold… I saw two distressed bumble bees on my lawn the other day.. I tried reviving one with some honey on a teaspoon… Sadly it passed, so did the other… So it could have been the weather I don’t know Paul…. We were delighted around three years ago we had a bees nest beneath the garden shed… We left them alone and they left us alone… So long as we were out of their flight path back and forth…
        We need all the help we can get with pollunation. 🙂


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