Picture Parade Three Hundred and Thirty.

A young, talented photographer.

My grandson, Morten, who had his birthday yesterday, he is now nine, took some photographs recently. They are fabulous and are republished here with Morten’s permission. Completely untouched by yours truly!








I think these are fabulous. Morten used the following camera.

A Lumix DMC-TZ10


25 thoughts on “Picture Parade Three Hundred and Thirty.

      1. It’s not just blogging but when we are out and about I have troubled remembering names. Even got to the stage of having trouble following a drama on TV. Thank goodness when we are younger we don’t understand at all what being older really means!

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      1. I hope so Paul, they certainly have resilience and determination, and at least my Granddaughter has a strong will, and understands about the planet… Its very strange but since she was 7 she keeps telling us she is going to be Dr, who studies Micro biology!… Now where she got that from aged seven?? but she is still determined she is going to help make people better but with the use of microscope 🙂 Now go figure!… She’s been telling us that for two years..


  1. I’m Morten’s Teacher and I think his photos are brilliant! I didn’t know he was interested in photography so it was a fantastic surprise when he shared his Grandad’s website with me! I love the close up detail he has captured! Good job on focusing too which is tricky! Well done Morten! I now know who to ask to take our photos in the classroom!


    1. Sarah, that’s fabulous and thank you. Do you know that I’m in the last stages of having my book published which is called Letter to a Grandson, that was written for Morten? It’s a memoir because I left the U.K. to come, eventually, to Southern Oregon before Morten was born.
      Morten is a bright young man with a great deal of potential!

      Oh, and a warm welcome to this place, Sarah. I hope to see you again soon.


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