Big changes!

I have moved away from Safari

Just to let you good people know that I have moved from Safari to Firefox and also moved my search engine to Qwant.

This is on my Mac and, in time, I will change on my iPad as well.

It all feels a bit strange but I was fed up with the tracking that Google had in place on Safari.

10 thoughts on “Big changes!

      1. I’m struggling to get used to my self-imposed changes online. When I get to my desktop I will research that article to see what I can find. Presently using my iPad in bed; it’s coming up to 5am!

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  1. Good for you! I found FoxFire didn’t run well on my Mac so I’ll have to check this out. For some reason, Safari won’t allow comments on WordPress these days so I’m always on the hunt for something that isn’t a stalker like Google.


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