8 thoughts on “Svalbard video

  1. Amazing views and good thing they had good travel insurance.. 🙂 And more trouble with their vehicles getting stuck. Those Huskies just raring to go! and how hard they work. Great video share Paul… 🙂 especially the puppies.. 🙂 And great they had some a good weather window. 🙂


  2. I have visited Svalbard (Longyearbyen and NyAlesund) and yes, it is a breath taking place. I did not dogs led which is very popular in Northern Norway, but I did see seals, Reindeer and lots of Siberian Huskies (used for sledding). Sadly, no polar bears, except for an inordinate amount of skins, 😒, but then, if I had seen one, it would have meant that I was in trouble. Everyone carried rifles, just in case…. So for the best really. That was back 9 years ago, and Arctic ice was melting very quickly even then. It was messing with the cycles of Nature and creating a new problem… As the glaciers melt on Svalbard, the land is rising (because of the decreased weight of ice) at a 2-3cm per year and land is being exposed creating a massive potential for methane leakage.
    When I was there, the sea temperature was 5°c and air temperature was 2°c (in high summer June 2, 2010).
    Latest statistics are very worrying. On January 23, 2019, sea surface temperatures at that spot were as high as 18.3°C (For winter months, it is spectacularly high).

    Ominously, peak methane levels were as high as 2764 ppb by February 2, 2019.

    Despite, the lovely tourist images, the picture of climate change in Svalbard is looking very bleak indeed.


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