The clouds above – Part Four

Everything you need to know about clouds – the continuing story!

Everything you need to know about clouds

August 13, 2018.

Cloud species continued

Cumulus humilis lack the height of regular cumulus clouds. (Photo: Thomas Bresson/Wikimedia Commons)

11. Humilis. A species of cumulus clouds, humilis clouds are generally fairly flat as opposed to taller ordinary cumulus clouds.

Cumulus mediocris clouds have small bumps and sproutings at their tops. (Photo: MarianaMigl/Wikimedia Commons)

12. Mediocris. Another cumulus species, mediocris clouds are a bit taller than humilis clouds.

A cumulus congestus cloud over a town in Germany. (Photo: pilot_micha/Wikimedia COmmons)

13. Congestus. Congestus clouds are the tallest species of cumulus clouds. They have sharp outlines and cauliflower-like tops.

Cumulonimbus calvus clouds can lead to severe weather. (Photo: Johann Jaritz/Wikimedia Commons)

14. Calvus. Cumulonimbus clouds have two species, and the calvus is one of them. It’s a moderately tall cloud with rounded tops but still with grooves or channels in them that direct the flow of air.

This cumulonimbus capillatus cloud has a flat top but still has some dense cirrus clouds on top. (Photo: Koichi Oda/Wikmedia Commons)

15. Capillatus. The second species of cumulonimbus clouds, capillatus clouds have a flat, anvil-like structure near the top, with a mass of “hair” on top of it.


What a very beautiful planet we have!

Do please come back tomorrow!

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