Picture Parade Two Hundred and Fifty

More wonderful Kennel Club images.

In the first part, published a week ago, I wrote:

Today’s Picture Parade is the start of a story about dogs that is likely to run for quite a few Sundays.

For I am republishing a wonderful account published by Mother Nature Network on July 17th. Here’s how that article is headlined:

Winning Kennel Club images celebrate dogs from all walks of life

  JACQUELINE GULLEDGE   July 17, 2018.

The second selection of these wonderful photographs and the story behind each one.


First Place, I Love Dogs Because…

‘One heart, one family’ featuring Dash, Royal, Harley, Ženka, Ryan and Ready, all border collies. (Photo: Tamara Kedves)

The “I Love Dogs Because…” category is for photographers aged 12 to 17. This year’s first place winner is 16-year-old Tamara Kedves from Hungary.

“I started photography three years ago when I realized how much joy I find in taking photos of nature and animals. Since then I have photographed uncountable priceless moments, but my own dogs have stayed my biggest inspiration all along. For me, the purpose of photography is capturing a memory and make it last forever, as well as expressing my love for dogs through my pictures. My biggest goal is to make outdoor dog photography more popular with the creative use of lights and colors, while motivating other aspiring photographers,” said Kedves. “This family photo was taken in a sunny spring afternoon as the last shot of the session. It perfectly expresses what dogs and photographing them means to me: not only the deepest harmony and happiness, but spending time with whom and what I love the most: dogs!”

First Place, Man’s Best Friend

‘Dolce far niente on a lovely afternoon’ featuring Godji, a Portuguese Podengo cross breed. (Photo: Joana Matos)

“I love this photo for many reasons: it was taken at my favourite beach, with my favourite man, with my favourite dog… and in the background there is an umbrella that belonged to my eternal love Nupi, an adventurous cocker spaniel who shared his life with me for almost 19 years,” said Joana Matos. “Godji, the beautiful dog in the picture is a natural poser and sometimes people call her ‘supermodel of the world’ and now she has become one!”

First Place, Portrait

Glenturret Autumn Gold’ featuring Crew, Darcie and Pagan, (Glenturret) Flat Coated Retrievers. (Photo: Carol Durrant)

“The photograph was taken on the last day of October 2016 in the UK as we had the best autumn for years for its colours for many years but this day there was a mist in the background to make the photo magical,” said Carol Durrant. “The photo was taken at Ash Rangers where the dogs walk daily — Crew, Darcie and Pagan. This photo is memorable due to Crew’s short life cut short at 3 with IBD disease.”

First Place, Puppies

‘Little Ceylin’ featuring Ceylin, an Italian Greyhound. (Photo: Klaus Dyba)

“Ceylin was the second dog of my friend Birguel. The photo means much too me since her first dog, also an Italian greyhound died at puppy age in a car accident. 13 weeks old Ceylin has the whole life in front of her. You can see it in her expression,” said Klaus Dyba.

First Place, Rescue Dogs and Dog Charities

‘Found My Way Home’ featuring Cooper, a Labrador Retriever Mix and rescue dog. (Photo: Sonya Kolb)

“It was very clear that Cooper was the first child for this beautiful and loving couple. In this shot, they are holding hands behind Cooper’s drowsing head. It was a scene of pure contentment and love,” said Robyn Kolb.


So, so beautiful!

On we go with another set in a week’s time.

You all take care out there!

9 thoughts on “Picture Parade Two Hundred and Fifty

  1. Fabulous photos. Makes one wonder how long it took to get just the right pose from the dogs – especially the group ones! And that one of Little Ceylin – it makes my heart melt.


  2. Such lovely pics… I especially liked the one of the Portuguese Podengo (Podenco in Spain). These large Egyptian style dogs of the Pharaoh kings are gentle giants, inquisitive and quite regal in their gait.😊


    1. Yes, that was Susan’s special photo. Fingers crossed I am able to continue sharing these photos with you for another couple of weeks if not a little longer. Thank you, Colette.


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