Picture Parade Two Hundred and Forty-Nine

Back to our wonderful dogs!

Today’s Picture Parade is the start of a story about dogs that is likely to run for quite a few Sundays.

For I am republishing a wonderful account published by Mother Nature Network on July 17th. Here’s how that article is headlined:

Winning Kennel Club images celebrate dogs from all walks of life

  JACQUELINE GULLEDGE   July 17, 2018.

It then opens, thus:


‘The lady of the mystery forest’ featuring Noa, a Great Dane. (Photo: Monica van der Maden)

Purebreds, cross breeds, seniors, puppies, rescue dogs and even assistance dogs. Whatever label you give them, dogs have long been man’s best friend. They hold a special place in our heart, and our phones are often filled with candid images of them. Some may even have professional photos of their four-legged friends taken. They are part of our family and a shining part in our daily lives.

The Kennel Club in the United Kingdom has a similar sentiment towards dogs and recognizes those photographers who go above and beyond to capture their dog’s personality in intimate and sincere images. The Dog Photographer of the Year competition honored 30 photographers this year in 10 different categories.

This year’s overall winner (and Oldies first-place winner) is Monica van der Maden from the Netherlands for her stoic photograph of Noa, a Great Dane, in the woods.

“This picture was made in the early morning in the forest. I wanted to photograph her in a position where she was sitting relaxed next to a tree. When I wanted to make the shot, she turned her head to the left to her owner and this was the moment where you could see her soul,” said van der Maden in her submission. “Dogs come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. But their hearts are all the same filled with love.”

The other first-, second- and third-place winners can be seen below in their respective categories.

First Place, Assistance Dogs and Dog Charities

‘Reassurance’ featuring Rocko, a German Shepherd Dog. (Photo: Dean Mortimer)

“My thought process behind this picture is one that is close to my heart. My brother is ex-military as are some of my friends. I have seen first-hand some of the issues that war can have on even the strongest of men. The ex-soldier in the photo suffered great loss in Afghanistan and suffers from PTSD so that’s when Rocko came to his rescue,” said Dean Mortimer.

“Rocko the German Shepherd has been trained by his handler to help combat the effects of PTSD, the skills of which help calm and reassure the soldier when times get hard. In my photograph I tried to capture not just how this dog aids this PTSD sufferer but also to capture the kind nature of the dog and how he enriches this man’s life. I have been following and admiring the work carried out by Service Dogs UK, the charity I am nominating for this category prize donation from the Kennel Club Charitable Trust. I am amazed by how effective dogs can be in assisting an individual with their recovery. So I decided to base my entry for this category on this issue and hope that in doing so will raise awareness of this worthy charity.”

First Place, Dogs at Play

‘I’ll Catch You’ featuring Lili, a Pomeranian. (Photo: Elinor Roizman)

“This particular photo was taken in the beach just before sunset. I shot 4 dogs on that day, Lili, and her 3 bigger brothers. Suddenly, Lili, the smallest bitch, began to jump with pleasure at the soap bubbles and play as if she were a puppy. It was a precious moment full of happiness and true freedom,” said Elinor Roizman.

First Place, Dogs at Work

‘Wayne’s Team’ (Photo: Tracy Kidd)

“I was in photographer’s heaven whilst out on the shoot with Wayne’s Team of working dogs. It was a privilege to watch them, tails held high, nose to the ground and retrieving. All of them totally in tune with Wayne Green, hanging on every command and thoroughly enjoying their job. It’s days like this and the reality of life that I am looking to capture in my images,” said Tracy Kidd. “To document life, as it is, with passion. I always promised myself at the age of forty I was going to follow my dream to and become the best photographer I could be. Now at forty eight, through passion, hard work and determination, I have a photography business I am very proud of.”

Kidd also gives hilarious descriptions of each dog along with their names. “(Back row) Skye age 13. Lemon Working Cocker. Wayne’s soul mate. Loving, stubborn and wild when she was younger. (Front row) Jenny age 9. Liver Working Cocker. Daughter of Skye. Tough as old boots yet loves to be cuddled. The boss! Pippin age 1. Yellow Retriever. Extremely intelligent and is always a thousand miles an hour. Milly age 4. Black Retriever. Pippin’s Mother. Grease Lightening and on fire, especially on Grouse. Bramble age 6. Lemon/White Working Cocker. Hates to be told off. Always wants to please. Obsessed about checking scent. Loves a cuddle and very affectionate. Ember age 3. Yellow Retriever. So laid back. Very independent and works on her own. Always picks up. Extremely eager. Bonnie age 4. Yellow/White Working Cocker. Very loving however a little arrogant! Always has her nose to the ground but slow to retrieve. Always loves a cuddle.”


Sorry, you will have to wait a week to see more of these gorgeous, wonderful dogs!

17 thoughts on “Picture Parade Two Hundred and Forty-Nine

  1. Well I see a picture of me, so i think I caught up again Paul.. Have a wonderful rest of the week.. Love to you and Jean and take care… Hope you get some much needed rain and those fires stay well away..
    Saw how horrendous its been.
    Blessings to you both
    Sue ❤


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