Winter games

As seen through the eyes of an Australian shepherd dog.

Slowly perking up each day, so thought it would be good to share this short, delightful video with you all. As presented on the Mother Nature Network site.


Australian shepherd loves to go sledding

NOEL KIRKPATRICK    January 3, 2018

When you think about dog sleds, you may think about a team of huskies pulling a sled across a snowy and icy landscape.

Perhaps you should change that image to an Australian shepherd confidently riding a sled down a hill.

Secret, a 3-year-old Aussie shepherd and the canine companion to 17-year-old human Mary, took advantage of there finally being enough snow to get some sledding in. And by “some” we mean around 50 shots down the hill, according to Mary’s Instagram caption. Secret drags her sled all the way to the top of the hill, hops on and gets her own snowy version of zoomies on as she slides down the hill. Once at the bottom, it’s right back up again, sled in mouth.

If only every day were a snow day for Secret.


Well done, Secret. Gorgeous!

20 thoughts on “Winter games

  1. Wonderful. There are plenty of sheep dogs in Wales riding around on the back of quad bikes/tractors…I think that they would like to be steering them too.


  2. Pawsome!
    3 bum swings! 3 more!💜🐾
    Chelsey Moana Beasta, bull terrier girl our logo is designed after loved to go sledding also! She would get so excited she would jump on anyone’s sled regardless if she knew them or not. Most people knew her (a Toronto celebrity in the Queen W. theatre district).
    Destabella, a mix breed loved by my huMom loved to skate. I’ve been told she couldn’t wait to run out to the frozen ponds to show off herskating skills. Apparently she was quite gifted😉🐾
    We puppers like play & thrills too🐶

    Nose nudges,
    CEO Olivia


  3. Paul that was such a delightful share.. Showed it my hubby.. Wonderful to see that dog enjoying sledging so much 😀 And really good to know you are improving daily Paul.. Big Hugs 🙂


    1. Dear, dear Sue. Thank you. Yes, it’s very interesting how the healing process is running.

      An hour ago we had a visit from our horse vet, Tom Everman, and his assistant. To examine one of our ponies who is overweight. Tom asked how our new year was going and I recounted my trip to Eugene. It was all very chatty and fun between the four of us.
      Then I came inside and immediately felt wobbly and a little dizzy. Had to lay down on the settee. Ten minutes later was able to sit back up and write this reply to you. Everything as predicted by the hospital staff. As in too much social interaction or brain stimulation too early on creates this effect.

      Sorry, what was the question? 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes that is understandable, You have to remember you have been through a major trauma. So your body is telling you to keep resting.. Keep listening to it Paul.. 😀


  4. So cute. I can imagine if our Blue Heeler pup were in snowy climes, he would do the exact same thing. These cattle dogs are SO smart. I’ve never had a dog look me in the eye the way this one does, nor try so hard to talk! Thanks for sharing this heartwarming video, Paul! Hope you’re well on the mend! ❤


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