A story!

Sent to me by my grandson, Morten!

How times change! Morten is now writing stories on his iPad and sending them to me.

Like this one:


Once upon a time there were 2 Very cute dogs called cuty and puty and they were having a great day in the deep dark forest 🌳 and  cuty said I want to go home 🏡 but puty doesn’t want to go home but they did. THE END

This was a story about two dogs 


And included in that lovely email was this photograph:

Maija, me and Jeannie.

Okay good people, my book event is now behind me and Jeannie and I are back home.

Hopefully more responsive to you all now!

17 thoughts on “A story!

  1. That is a fabulous little story from Morten and its amazing how our Grandchildren are so at home within the techno world.. 😀 My own little one made me a picture in Power Point and I was amazed at her abilities at 6. But thankfully she also likes to create with paint brush too.. So hoping she inherits a bit of Grandma’s love of art.. 😀
    Have a wonderful Day Paul, Happy you are home safe and sound..
    Enjoy your week both of you.. And lovely picture 😀 🙂


    1. Thanks Sue. Our grandchildren will grow up seeing all this technology as completely normal! Good to be home despite even having to get up three times last night to let Brandy out. He had an upset tummy.

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      1. Sue, delighted to tell you that Brandy’s tummy is back to normal. He is sleeping quietly next to me as I write this reply to you. It is very good to be back. Very good indeed! Big hugs, Sue.

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  2. It used to be said that kids say the darnedest things, now they text them. Very cute though. Welcome back. I suspect one of the reasons they do online stuff is they rarely teach how to write cursively any more. Something to do with the Common Core regs. Silly if you ask me, but what do I know?


    1. Oh, didn’t realise that. How very silly!! Not sure why I used the word “silly” but that was my immediate reaction. I miss using my Sheaffer that was my father’s fountain pen 60 years ago. I would use it more if my paper stock that goes into my ink-jet printer was suitable for fountain-pen ink. But it’s the wrong type of paper and the ink spreads out too much. Actually, in me writing this you have prompted me to see if I can find the right paper online. Thank you!!

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      1. Good luck! There’s nothing quite like a handwritten note. I love making cards and sending them to people just to say hello, I’m thinking of you and to gauge their reaction.


    1. Dear, dear Morten, this means so much to me to see you leaving your replies here on Learning from Dogs. Thank you!! So more stories and more replies. Fondest love Grandad and Jeannie B.


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