Saturday Smile

Yet another wonderful video to make your day!

(Seen on Mother Nature Network.)


This border collie is so excited to be working at the farm

Noel Kirkpatrick August 19, 2017

The day on a farm starts so early that it’s easy to imagine that you’d get worn out pretty quickly. Unless you happen to be a border collie.

This border collie either paced itself all day, consumed an energy drink (kidding … please do not let your dog consume an energy drink) or just started its day, but the dog is so very pumped to spread some hay. The dog’s farmer companion can’t even keep up with the pup! The hay is barely on the pitchfork before the border collie has yanked it off the truck and shaken it around the ground.

This seems like an efficient way to spread hay, too. The border collie gets to expend some energy, the human just has to stand on the bed of a truck and the hay goes exactly where it needs to. After this, maybe they go and sit on the porch and admire their hard work. Or they go and herd sheep. Seeing the energy level of this dog, it’s probably sheep herding.


Have a brilliant weekend!

16 thoughts on “Saturday Smile

      1. Oh yes we had a dairy farm and I remember the machines being put in to milk the cows instead of hands… lots of cats, hens, a horse and dogs. A great memory, riding the cows and horses bareback! Sometimes I wonder where we all began to lose the plot and lose our sense of freedom… much love, barbara


      2. Sounds like a very lovely, carefree upbringing. Couldn’t be more different to me playing as a young child in the numerous bombsites of NW London in the early years after the end of WWII.

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      3. Yes, each and every one of us has our special story to tell. The trick, and not an easy one by any means, is turning off the narrator in our own heads so we can fully listen to the other person’s story. (Sorry, didn’t intend to go all philosophical!)

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