A hot Saturday Smile

The forecast for Josephine County is a high of 105° F today (40° C)

So nothing too energetic!

Well not for us humans. But we can watch puppies play. (As seen on Mother Nature Network.)


9 dog moms playing with their feisty puppies

by Mary Jo DiLonardo

There are few things sweeter than watching puppies snuggle with their mother, nestling into her soft fur as they contently drift off to sleep. But sometimes even mom is tired of being all sunshine and roses and wants to play. And that’s when things get even more adorable.

Although it’s fun, while playing, mothers are also teaching their puppies manners. If they bite too hard, she’ll growl, yelp or walk away. Then they learn how to behave, so everyone can have fun next time.

Here are nine canine moms (and one dad) having fun with their kids. Like Lucky, above, a corgi who is trying to teach her babies the intricacies of a good game of tug.

In a game of tag at the park, this dog mom can’t be beat, no matter how hard her pups try.

And then there are these 10 golden retriever puppies who swarm mom hoping for a meal. When she disappears they decide to have some fun with dad.

This beagles spins and barks as she’s playfully attacked by her feisty offspring.

These Westie puppies get down and wrestle with their mom.

These Jack Russell pups are no match for a mom with these kinds of amazing acrobatic skills.

It’s sleepy time until mom shows up, then everybody jumps up to play. (OK, technically, they get up for lunch.)

Somewhere in all this hair are Maltese puppies playing with their mother. One puppy gets a little sidetracked.

Mom just wants a little roll in the grass, but when she does, it’s a puppy pile-on.

Have a wonderful cool weekend!

22 thoughts on “A hot Saturday Smile

  1. It is 90 plus degrees where I am, Paul. With the humidity, it is probably 105. Does Oregon have humidity? I would much rather deal with 119 in Phoenix without humidity than what we have currently. Stay cool.
    The puppies & their parents were very adorable. I loved watching them romp & play


  2. it’s 5:30 here now and I’m going out to water first and watch these when I come back in. You have it worse than we do. Only 99-100 today. A few degrees cooler tomorrow and then back to reasonably hot. I’m not a fan of summers. I love watching puppies. Thanks and stay cool.


    1. It’s 65 now (06:45) but that’s 5 degrees hotter than the same time yesterday and the maximum yesterday was 100 degrees. Agree with you about not liking these sorts of temperatures! Plus one tries not to think about the increasing risk of forest fires!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Don’t breathe that word. I’ve been through a forest fire before. 10 days of evacuation. Not fun. June 18 2002 I believe. Arizona’s Rodeo Chediski fire.


  3. It was over 31 Deg C here last week Paul too, so know how the heat makes us wilt.. So take it easy both of you and sending Love over the airwaves.. As you all try to keep cool..
    Love and Blessings Sue xx


    1. Thank you, Sue. I have a speaking engagement this afternoon and really wish it was some other day! We have the a/c on in the house already!! Love and many, many hugs being returned via the airwaves!

      Liked by 1 person

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