Onwards and upwards for socks!

The dog, that is, not what we wear on our feet!

On the 26th April I published a post promoting the Vista Verde Help Fund for Strays. (And well done! That fund is very close to achieving the goal.)

That post in April also included a picture of a recent stray supported by the Fund. He was named Socks by Jean.

Socks starting a new and better life.

Anyway, a few days ago Dionete sent me an email that I wanted to share with you.

Hello Paul – how’s things with you & Jean & dogs? Fine, I hope.

We’ve got some news: Socks has just been neutered. We picked him up at the clinic an hour ago and took him to a temporary shelter. Unfortunately it is just for a couple of nights but at least he is safe and can recover from the grogginess tonight.

Here are the pics we’ve taken.

Thank you very much (again) for allowing it to happen.
All the very best,

Here are those photographs of Socks.



Socks has a really gentle look in those eyes. Hopefully, he will find a new loving home before too long.

15 thoughts on “Onwards and upwards for socks!

  1. Yes, he looks like a lovely, gentle boy. If only he knew that people, even across the other side of the world, are thinking of him. Hopefully he will find that special someone/family to care for him until the end of his days. Good luck Socks!


  2. He’s a delight, and his temporary shelter is wonderful, lots of space and grass. We’re going round every day to spend an hour or so with him, playing. And the search for a permanent home continues.


      1. Apologies, the afternoon went a tad haywire. We didn’t even get over to see him, but just spoke to the woman taking of him (Ju), and she says he’s fine. She actually lives across the road and pops over a few times a day, giving him his medication in the mornings and before bed.

        Will try again tomorrow.

        We heard of a country house today where he could be adopted to, but G is a little weary. It sounds great to me, but she thinks it might just be a weekender, meaning he wouldn’t have much human contact through the week. Will have to investigate that one a bit further.


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