Santa Monica goodness!

Unfettered, unrestrained kindness.

Those of you that followed that terrible act of murder and mayhem on Westminster Bridge and near the Palace of Westminster not so many days ago will have been fully aware of the way that ordinary people, going about their ordinary lives, rushed to the aid of the injured.

Members of the public rush to help a man run down after the vehicle struck.

So just hold that image in your head while I extend the idea of helping others, as described in a recent item on Mother Nature Network.


Firefighter saves dog with ‘mouth to snout’ resuscitation

Mary Jo DiLonardo

March 24, 2017.
Photo Courtesy of Billy Fernando

When Santa Monica firefighters were called to a burning apartment, they found the lifeless body of a tiny dog overcome by the heat and smoke on the floor of a bedroom. They pulled out the dog, named Nalu, but he wasn’t breathing and didn’t have a pulse.

For 20 minutes, firefighter Andrew Klein performed CPR including “mouth to snout” resuscitation on the 10-year-old bichon frise/Shih Tzu, while his owner knelt by thinking the little dog had died. Firefighters also gave the dog oxygen through a specially designed mask for pets. And then a small miracle happened: he eventually regained consciousness, according to a Facebook post from the Santa Monica Fire Department.

Photo Courtesy of Billy Fernando

“It was pretty amazing because I’ve been on a number of animal rescues like this that did not come out the same way that Nalu’s story did,” Klein told KTLA. “It was definitely a win for the whole team and the department that we got him back.”

Nalu was taken to the vet where he spent 24 hours in an oxygen chamber and is now doing well.

Photo Courtesy of Billy Fernando

“I stood there in shock, and then I followed them and was in shock,” Nalu’s owner, Crystal Lamirande, said. “I’m a nurse and now I know how family members feel when they watch us do CPR on their family members. It’s awful.”

Photographer Billy Fernando was on the scene and captured photos and videos of the rescue. His video shows firefighters patting Nalu and rubbing his side as they give him oxygen saying, “C’mon bud” and “Atta boy” as he starts to come around.

“This brave firemen (sic) named Andrew Klein from Santa Monica Fire Department went in for the rescue and gave the pet a CPR and took care of him back to life,” he wrote on Facebook and Instagram. “Faith in humanity restored.”

Photo Courtesy of Billy Fernando


Now I don’t care what can go wrong in this world if there are always people who in an instant can demonstrate unfettered, unrestrained kindness like those wonderful people on that bridge in London and those wonderful people who are part of the Santa Monica Fire Department team.

20 thoughts on “Santa Monica goodness!

  1. I really appreciate your view on the horrible acts that have unfolded…. you focus on the kindness, I have not been doing that. Thank you for reminding me of the other side. I needed that today.


    1. Rebecca, that’s very generous of you to say that. But I’m much more the messenger reporting on what others think. Don’t get me wrong. I sincerely believe people naturally choose goodness first. 99.9% of the time.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful Acts of Kindness that often go unheard.. The world is FULL of people who are doing good in the world EVERY Day.. Yet the News focuses only on all of the negatives within its news streams.. If we had more acts of kindness promoted, and the way in which people help each other it would most certainly restore our faith in Human Kindness..
    Sadly the media is not geared up to make us feel good.. Only geared up to add to the Fear factors..

    My heart went out to all those on Westminster bridge.. as you will have seen in my post Peace and Prayers conveyed..
    Many thanks for sharing..
    Love and Blessings to you Paul..
    Sue 🙂


    1. Thank you, Sue, so much. Yes, it’s a great shame, and it is a fact, that bad news sells newspapers. I believe that stems from the fact that the primitive, survival response within us is to quickly take note of a warning.

      In other words, the media deliberately feed that Fear factor.

      Doesn’t stop you and me exchanging Love and Blessings! 🙂 Not in our lifetimes!!

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  3. I will never lose faith in the kindness of people. I think that would be the possibly the worst thing to ever happen. There are amazing acts of kindness everyday all over the world. This awful event (just one of many) shows this beautifully. Thank you for shining a positive light on awful events.


  4. And now you know how I get through my days. I limit the amount of bad news I take in and absorb deeply all the good news. I saw the Santa Monica story on the news. It always warms my heart. There is no shortage of good people in the world who vastly outnumber the bad guys. We very seldom hear about the good because it’s ordinary, not sensational. One sick man hurts many lives but so many more come in to help. People who mistreat animals are plentiful. I hope that changes. But those like you and yours are actually in the majority or are becoming so with the constant education you keep doing here. I’ve had to teach a number of people that animals all feel and need to be treated with kindness. I had to learn that myself. It’s a lack of exposure and education for the most part..


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