Distracted by Happiness!

Dear Ruby joins the crowd.

When Paloma died on the 16th, a little over a week ago, and, in turn, just a couple weeks after the sad loss of Casey, she was the last of the ‘kitchen’ group. To explain to newcomers, ever since we moved to Oregon in 2012 we had our dogs divided into two groups: the ‘kitchen’ and ‘bedroom’ groups. Primarily to ensure the minimum of any tensions between what at times has been 12 dogs.

There is a gate between the living room and the kitchen area and we have been leaving that open hoping that Ruby would work out when it was the right time to join the others.

That right time was yesterday afternoon around 4:30.

I grabbed my camera and quickly took a few flash photographs. They weren’t very good because Ruby is upset by camera flashguns. But the following is the best of the set and Jean and I wanted to share the lovely occasion with you.

From the foreground: Oliver, Sweeny, Ruby and to the right little Pedy.

Why did I choose the title I did?

Because a few moments before Ruby jumped up on to the settee Jean and I had been giggling about something silly.

Dogs know!

25 thoughts on “Distracted by Happiness!

  1. That is such a cute pic. Ruby is a beauty. Making note of the occasion is sort of akin to what parents do when the baby says it’s first word or takes its first step. I have done the same along the lines and rejoiced when any of my pets made significant changes in routine, behavior or recuperating from a serious illness. But I have not taken in photos and that is regretful.


  2. Having been through many losses with former pets, I do not have any today. One, the emotional strain is enormous and the other, expense of keeping them is also enormous, yet my heart does yearn for a pet. Perhaps there is time yet. thanks for your lovely blog. Eve


    1. Eve, lovely to hear from you and welcome! Would it help that yearning if you were to write about your feelings? For they would be greatly appreciated by the folks who cross this particular blogging doorstep. Thank you!


    1. Jean and I were just saying that if it continues to go well then over the weekend I will remove the gate and fence presently between the kitchen and living room. Then for the first time since October 2012 there will be unfettered access between the two rooms. That will feel strange!

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  3. Such a wonderful ‘Step’ forward.. And wonderfully captured.. 🙂 And I look forward to hearing how the removal of the gate goes down.. 🙂 Happy Weekend to you, Jean and the Pack. 🙂


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